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Controlled access to restricted facilities

Using Blockchain to Control Access to Restricted Facilities

Granting access to controlled facilities is a complex process, and may involve personal, biometric, financial and other sensitive data. The current processes using email, paper, or ID cards are insufficient to adequately support and prove full compliance with the related requirements. Organizations that fail to comply with all of the rules can be fined or experience accidents or information leaks.

A new digital solution is needed to better manage access to restricted facilities, like a hazardous electric facility, a vulnerable school or a controled military building. The Andews Blockchain solution aims to help organizations by releasing them from handling and protecting siloed, sensitive data.

Blockchain enables "Self Sovereign Identity"

Andes Blockchain is a secure platform to issue, check and request for access permissions to controlled access facilities, using blockchain to enable a Self-Sovereign Identity-Based Access Control System.  The solution will grant users access to a controlled facility by checking for a valid certifier attests that compiles with a requirements list.

Automated, digital credential validation

Andes Blockchain solution works by storing a JSON Schema, describing the roles, requirements and valid certificates for each facility.  The solution uses Kaleido to store a hash for each Schema on a blockchain.  Each signature is verified by the Raspberry device.  Once the credentials are validated, the user is given access to the facility.

Blockchain Enables Trusted Identities

When accidents or problems occur and expensive liabilities are a possibility, centralized stored data lose it reliability. The ones who must store the data and the ones who emit it are tempted to alter information. Even if no one cheats, judges may distrust about data. Blockchain - Self Sovereign Identity and their unique properties offer a source of immutable and trustworthy information.

Benefits of Blockchain-based Access

Protect Sensitive Data

Self Sovereign Identity offers a source of immutable and trustworthy information and helps organizations by releasing them from handling and protecting siloed, sensitive data.

Reduce Liability

Decrease non-compliance risk by giving full traceability and data protection to the access control process.

Ownership of Identity

People gain control and ownership of their identity using tools that enable the ones who really must know about them to issue secure attestations derived from this data to the ones who need to check it.

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