Event Streams

Trigger Business Processes, and Stream Data to Off-Chain Caching and Analytics

With Kaleido event streams you can build event-driven applications on blockchain that respond dynamically to state changes, transactions, and more.
What it is

Event Streams for Blockchain Networks

Build event-driven applications on the Blockchain with ease. Respond dynamically when participants on your chain submit state changes, or transactions that require coordination between multiple parties to complete.

Connect your on-chain data to your off-chain systems of record. Drive updates into your systems of record as the state changes in the shared ledger, triggering business processes, applications and notifications.

Build an off-chain cache of on-chain data, for end-user Mobile and Web experiences that perform high-volume data query to the on-chain data. Stream data to your analytics data-lake, or real-time analytics platform, to drive actionable insights from your consortium shared ledger.

Reliable Batched Delivery of Events

Events from multiple subscriptions are batched and streamed efficiently together on a single event stream, with checkpointing on each subscription to ensure reliable at-least-once delivery.

Bind to AWS Kinesis with a AWS Lambda Serverless Function

No transformation required. Just receive the payload, pre-batched, and pass it on to create a firehose into your analytics data lake.

Bind to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs with an Azure Functions Serverless Function

No transformation required. Just receive the payload, pre-batched, and pass it on to create a firehose into your analytics data lake.

How it Works

Kaleido Event Streams perform at-least once delivery of Ethereum events from your blockchain node, to any REST HTTPS endpoint.

The events are delivered as simple JSON payloads, with all of the complexities of Ethereum topics, RLP encoding and type mapping handled for you. Just provide a simple service that delivers the payload to your chosen backend, pre-batched by the event stream.

The subscription interface is integrated with the REST API Gateway, so subscribing to events is a simple API call. You can subscribe to events on a contract instance, by instance basis. Or subscribe to all events of a given signature on the chain.

Define the target to deliver the events to, and we take care of the rest

  • Subscribe to events on a single contract, or on all contracts matching an event signature
  • Trivially simple JSON payloads and types
  • Ideal for “serverless” functions like AWS Lambda or Azure functions
  • Process events one-by-one, or in efficient batches
  • Efficiently stream to analytics pipelines, such as AWS Kinesis
  • Exponential backoff retry of delivery
  • At-least once delivery of events via checkpointing

Use the Event Streams service within the REST API Gateway to consume and log events emitted from your deployed smart contracts and send them to a target of your choice. In order to leverage the Kaleido Event Streams Service, your smart contract requires an event interface which is used to specify contract parameters for indexing. 

The indexed arguments of an event will be stored on-chain in the transaction’s log when a function with the applied event is invoked, and the event payload can then be consumed by a client side app or streaming service that is subscribed to the contract. Kaleido simplifies events by allowing you to specify your own custom event destination URL along with an organizational-controlled API bearer token for added security protections.

Why Kaleido

Everything You Need to Build Enterprise-Grade Blockchain and Digital Asset Solutions

Kaleido's blockchain platform makes it radically simple for businesses to create complete web3 networks and applications. With just a few clicks, you can launch a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and start plugging in familiar services.

Quickly Launch Blockchain

Launch blockchain networks in minutes
Choose from leading protocols
Select permissioned chains, appchains,  sidechains, or consortium chains
Deploy on AWS, Azure or on-prem
Stand up nodes worldwide in regions of your choice

Simplify Development to Get to
Production Fast

Access 40+ plug-and-play services for wallets, key management, storage, data, and more
Automate management and deployment with our fully API-enabled platform
Turn any smart contract into familiar APIs with our smart contract API generator
Make digital assets, NFTs, and consortia easy with our dedicated solutions
Mint, manage, and burn tokens at scale with robust tooling

All Backed by Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support

Modern cloud scale architecture
Built-in high availability and disaster recovery
ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
Integrate seamlessly with existing internal systems
Open source tech and no vendor lockin
24x7 support and SLAs
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