Diagram of Kaleido appchains connecting to Polygon Supernets and Avalanche Subnets

Instantly Launch
Appchains on the Most Complete Web3 Platform

Kaleido gives you everything you need to build dApps on highly scalable, fully customizable appchains with low gas fees.

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Kaleido console view with Polygon Supernet and Avalanche subnet support

Accelerate development, maximize scalability, and realize your vision

App-specific blockchains are used to serve a single use case. This gives developers more freedom to design each aspect of their chain. The benefits of Appchains include:

  • Customization: Fully tailor all aspects of your chain to your dApp’s requirements, including decentralization, governance, and gas fees
  • Scalability: Maximize  throughput with no competition for finality or storage
  • Security: Seamlessly leverage the security of the Avalanche and Polygon mainnets
Kaleido makes purpose-built chains easier to launch on leading platforms, including Polygon Supernets and Avalanche Subnets.

Build faster with familiar tools and services

Our platform matches the customizability of Appchains with the pre-built tools and services you need to bring ideas to life.

Wallets, App2App messaging, event streams, and advanced key management are just a few of the pluggable resources you can use to build powerful dApps that can connect easily to multiple public ecosystems.
Kaleido's full stack of web3 services for building on appchains
Enterprise Skyscrapers and Security and Compliance Icons

Scale with enterprise-grade infrastructure and support

Web3 innovators choose Kaleido for complex use cases because our platform meets the most stringent requirements for dependability and scalability. Get the performance you need with modern cloud scale architecture, always-up resiliency, and elastic performance on an ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform—fully backed by SLAs and 24x7 support.

Whether you’re a web3 startup or a global enterprise, Kaleido is the preferred launchpad for developers who want to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction without interruption.
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Asset Tokenization & Blockchain on G2
Blocks Mined on Kaleido Chains
Developers Across 30+ Countries
Digital Transformation Projects

Flexible deployment options to meet your needs

With Kaleido, you can choose from popular cloud properties, hybrid deployment options, and various geographic regions to meet the needs of your business.


How Kaleido Appchains Compare

Kaleido is the only provider with support for both Polygon Supernets and Avalanche Subnets. That coupled with the entire Kaleido platform gives you everything you need to create enterprise-grade blockchains solutions.

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Polygon Supernets
Avalanche Subnets
Web3 Services
Digital Assets & Tokens
Apps & Secure Data Flows
400+ Blockchain APIs
3rd Party Plug-and-play Marketplace
Multi-Party Control Plane
Enterprise Features
Enterprise Integration Services
ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 Certified
SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
Built in High Availability & Disaster Recovery
SLAs and 24/7 Support
Flexible Deployment (AWS, Azure, On-Prem)
Kaleido provides the enterprise ‘easy button’ and has the deep expertise gained from running thousands of enterprise chains over the last four years.
Antoni Martin
Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

Innovative applications demand a flexible platform

When you launch an Appchain on Kaleido we give you pluggable tools to mint coins, trade assets, and monitor activity from a single console.

Digital Collection in Hexagons

NFT Platforms

Mint and manage NFTs at scale in custom experiences

Web3 Gaming

Create, sell, and manage unique in-game assets
Digital Twins in Hexagons


Power peer-to-peer marketplaces with increased throughput
Digital Artwork in Hexagons

Digital Asset Collectibles

Create unique assets and monetize them on your chain of choice

Decentralized Finance

Manage, monitor, and move assets across financial ecosystems

Asset Tokenization

Digitize real world assets and open new revenue streams

Appchains made simple for the enterprise

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ISO27K & SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
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