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The Most Complete Digital Asset Platform Anywhere

Easily create, manage, and track digital assets at institutional scale across public and private chains.

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Accelerate Your Digital Asset Strategy with Our Enterprise On-ramp

Digital assets are on track to represent trillions of dollars in real value for companies. This has created a need for secure, simple-to-use digital asset platforms that allow businesses to secure, monitor, and trade assets safely and efficiently. Our digital asset platform is quick to get live and offers all the tools, security, and flexibility you need to bring web3 to your business.

Multi-chain, Multi-protocol

From public to private, we provide support for all major clouds, protocols, and web3 technologies

Manage 1000s of Digital Assets

With zero-gas chains you can mint, burn, and manage asset tokenization at scale with minimal cost

Get to Production Quickly

Scale globally on enterprise-grade infrastructure without investing in months of development trial and error

Simplify Compliance

With custody solutions, AML/KYC integrations, and a robust user policy engine, it’s easy to define approval policies and automate flows with custom rules

How Kaleido’s Digital Asset

Platform Compares

Other Digital Asset Solutions

Diagram of how other digital art platforms work

Web3 can be complicated

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Custom code and multiple vendors to integrate your existing systems with the Web3 world
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Figure-it-out-yourself to tokenize assets
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Build custom connections to new chains and protocols
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Platform dependent on proprietary 3rd party software

Digital Asset Platform

Diagram showing how the Kaleido digital asset platform works

Kaleido makes it radically simple

One platform to integrate your existing systems with Web3
Easy asset tokenization with token templates
Connect to new chains and protocols with the click of a button
Platform run via Hyperledger FireFly, the world’s first open-source Supernode
We needed a comprehensive digital asset strategy—and we needed a custom solution that connected to our legacy systems. Kaleido eliminated the need for twenty vendors and got our custom solution live quickly.

A Single Platform to Meet the Demands of an Evolving Business Landscape

Our platform for digital assets is different. It’s built from the ground up to meet the most rigorous enterprise requirements with the flexibility and pluggable tools modern organizations need to get work done.

From Day One you’ll have access to a hardened stack and experts who are experienced in navigating the most sensitive use cases.


Issue tokens customized to your specifications across multiple chains with powerful APIs and pre-built services.

Digital Assets

Manage digital assets at scale across the chains of your choice, including public chains, private chains, sidechains, L1s, or L2s.

Policy Management

Build custom rules and policies, provide secure and rich user experiences, and easily automate who can do what when—all integrated with your existing user directory and SSO systems.

Smart Contract Management

Automatically generate APIs from both custom and templated smart contracts to simplify development. Seamlessly integrate with existing DevOps processes and systems.

Data Orchestration

Manage data at rest and in motion, ensuring your system of record is expertly managing state and providing once-and-only-once transaction integrity with unmatched reliability.

Security, Scale and Resilience

Manage operations at scale on institutional-grade infrastructure with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27K certifications, built-in HA/DR, enterprise identity management, and more.
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Advanced Custody Options

Deploy a range of native custody options, including HD wallets and cloud HSMs, or integrate with popular third-party custody providers.

Unlimited Connectivity

Our platform supports a full range of chains so you can connect to public ecosystems or run your own dedicated scaling solution.

Build Faster with Open Source

Kaleido's Digital Asset Platform is backed by Hyperledger FireFly, the first open-source Web3 Gateway. A platform for tokenization, multi-chain interoperability, and building blockchain-based applications, FireFly’s stack simplifies development and makes it easy to connect across both public and private chains—all so you can manage the full lifecycle of digital assets with native token and indexing support.

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