Create Hybrid, Cross-Cloud Blockchain Networks

Seamlessly and securely connect on-premise and VPC blockchain nodes to fully-managed AWS and Azure nodes.
What it is

Hybrid, Cross-Cloud Blockchain Deployment

Seamlessly connect nodes running self-managed on-premise, or in private cloud VPCs, with nodes running fully-managed across AWS and Azure in Kaleido. Our unique blockchain-aware PrivateStack network bridge and remote agent combine industry standard network technology, with DMZ-ready dynamically configured networking, and one-click setup.

Fully Managed, Hybrid Deployment

Have a fully managed blockchain node in seconds in AWS or Azure, multi-region, multi-cloud with fully-managed infrastructure, enterprise-grade high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), key mgmt. including AWS & Azure cloud HSMs & HashiCorp Vault, REST APIs & Event Streams to integrate existing apps & infra, off-chain private file & data transfer, w/ strong identity & encryption.

Built for Enterprise IT Networks

Our solution combines industry standard network bridging technology, with a deployment model designed for multi-tier secure IT networks. We let you place the blockchain node in an inner network, and provide a proxy to run in your DMZ, combining strong security controls with bi-direction connectivity to the whole network.

Support for all Protocols

We keep the OSS core blockchain protocol itself untouched and able to support all protocols, regardless of their choice of networking and consensus algorithm. Today we support: Corda, Hyperledger Besu + Orion private transaction manager, Quorum + Tessera private transaction manager, and Go Ethereum.

How it Works

Now in Kaleido, we provide decentralized solutions for every level of participation seen in enterprise blockchain networks:

  • High investment members who are the trust anchors of the network: Can run nodes in their own private data center, or private cloud VPC, have full control over every aspect of the software and infrastructure stack, can demonstrate infrastructure decentralization of the network validators, and meet the strict IT security requirements with tech designed for enterprise.
  • The network operator entity or board of trustees: Make the blockchain plumbing a simple part of the application stack, allowing new members to onboard while retaining a fully interconnected business network - including with privately hosted nodes, retaining visibility of the health of the infrastructure, and retaining control of permissioning and governance. 
  • Full participation network members: Have your own fully managed blockchain node in seconds in AWS or Azure, run multi-region, multi-cloud with fully-managed infrastructure, enterprise grade high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), key management — including AWS & Azure cloud HSMs and HashiCorp Vault, REST APIs and Event Streams to integrate to your existing apps & infra, off-chain private file and data transfer, with strong identity and encryption.
  • The “long tail” of network participants: Connect to a multi-tenant node without needing any IT investment, secure signing keys and data dedicated to you, gain visibility into how blockchain makes the business network decentralized.
  • End users: Secure connectivity into the network (OAuth / Open ID connect), with custodial or non-custodial key management.

The PrivateStack software package itself provides you with two key components:

  1. PrivateStack Network Bridge: Combines forward & reverse proxies, secure network bridging via industry standard DMZ friendly networking, and dynamic configuration management. Designed to put you in full control of your network security, while retaining bi-directional connectivity to and from the whole business network.
  2. PrivateStack Agent: Simplifies the creation of your private self-managed node into a single command. Provides a secure API to bootstrap your node into the business network, and share its public identity with other nodes in the same Kaleido environment. A cut-down version of the agent we run for nodes in the Kaleido fully-managed platform, it provides your organization enough with enough connectivity to ease on-boarding, without compromising the integrity of your private keys and data.

We’ve been able to keep the OSS core blockchain protocol itself untouched and able to support all protocols, regardless of their choice of networking and consensus algorithm.

Why Kaleido

Everything You Need to Build Enterprise-Grade Blockchain and Digital Asset Apps

Kaleido's blockchain platform makes it radically simple for businesses to create complete web3 networks and applications. With just a few clicks, you can launch a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and start plugging in familiar services.

Quickly Launch Blockchain

Launch blockchain networks in minutes
Choose from leading protocols
Select permissioned chains, appchains,  sidechains, or consortium chains
Deploy on AWS, Azure or on-prem
Stand up nodes worldwide in regions of your choice

Simplify Development to Get to
Production Fast

Access 40+ plug-and-play services for wallets, key management, storage, data, and more
Automate management and deployment with our fully API-enabled platform
Turn any smart contract into familiar APIs with our smart contract API generator
Make digital assets, NFTs, and consortia easy with our dedicated solutions
Mint, manage, and burn tokens at scale with robust tooling

All Backed by Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support

Modern cloud scale architecture
Built-in high availability and disaster recovery
ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
Integrate seamlessly with existing internal systems
Open source tech and no vendor lockin
24x7 support and SLAs
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