Kaleido Wallet

A Simple and Secure Way to Manage Key Ownership for Signing Transactions

The Kaleio Wallet makes it easy to implement enterprise-grade key ownership for signing transactions for increased security and audibility.
What it is

What It Is

Enterprise-strength  key ownership for signing transactions to each member for increased security and auditability.  Enables members to provision their own Ethereum Wallets and sign transactions using their own keys.

Key Ownership

Extends key ownership to members of an organization, allowing each member to sign transactions with their own private keys. This provides greater audit-ability, especially for the networks making use of proxy memberships.

Ethereum JSON-RPC Endpoint

EthWallet not only gives you the ability to create your own keys, but also provides JSON-RPC endpoints to send transactions to, which the service will use the designated signing key to sign and submit to the Ethereum blockchain.

Integration with Signing Services

Seamlessly integrates with HSM-based signing services. Prevent key leakage by providing an additional layer of security that protects the secret keys.

How it works

How it Works

The managed wallet allows the generation and management of individual ethereum accounts, that can be used for signing transactions by other linked Kaleido services. Such as to generate and transfer tokens, or to submit transactions via the REST API Gateway.

Wallets can be integrated with cloud Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) / Key Management Services (KMS). When an external cloud KMS is linked to the managed wallet, then the keys never leave that KMS. The managed wallet calls out to the KMS to sign each payload individually.

Also see the HD Wallet for managing a billion accounts efficiently, for anonymity or high scale management of unique addresses generated from a single secure seed phrase.

Why Kaleido

Why Kaleido

Kaleido's platform is different because it has everything businesses need to create complete blockchain solutions. With just a few clicks, you can create a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and include additional services.

Blazing Fast Deployment, Speed, and Scale

Deploy Production-Ready Blockchain Networks and Digital Assets in Minutes
Amazingly Low Cost Per Transaction
Multi-Party, Cross-Cloud, and Multi-Region Support
Built-In High Availability and Disaster Recovery
400+ APIs and 40+ Services to Accelerate Development

No Lock-in and Open Source Technologies

Support for Multiple Blockchain Protocols
Enterprise Integrations and Marketplace
Customizable Decentralization Options
Actively Leading New Standards and Technologies

Proven Enterprise Platform and Expertise

ISO and SOC2 Certified
SLAs and  24/7 Support
On-Chain and Off-Chain Services
Secure Key Management
Built-In Monitoring and Smart Contract Management
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