Launch Avalanche Nodes Instantly on the Most Complete Web3 Platform

With Kaleido, you match an enterprise-grade platform with pluggable tools to quickly build dApps on the Avalanche network.

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A One-Stop-Shop for Building Powerful dApps With a Full Stack of Plug and Play Services

Avalanche is a fast and flexible blockchain designed to help developers quickly create decentralized apps. Matched with our suite of pluggable web3 tools, you can build high performance applications with strong safety guarantees, fast finality, and high-throughput—all vital for enterprise use cases.

Instant Launch

Stand up connections to the Avalanche Mainnet on our compliant platform in minutes.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

Build on a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform with built-in HA/DR, secure network isolation, SLAs and dedicated 24×7 support options.

Pluggable Tools and APIs

Build with click-button tokens, wallets, storage, messaging, and more—all fully API enabled.

Flexible Endpoints

Enjoy either Full or Archive nodes in dedicated or elastic configurations and upgrade as you growl.

How Avalanche on Kaleido Compares

We match Avalanche with an enterprise-grade platform and a stack of pluggable tools so you can reach production faster.

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Blockchain Nodes
400+ Blockchain APIs
Digital Assets & Tokens
Apps & Secure Data Flows
Enterprise Integration Services
ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 Certified
SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
Built in High Availability & Disaster Recovery
SLAs and 24/7 Support
3rd Party Plug-and-play Marketplace
Multi-Party Control Plane
Flexible Deployment (AWS, Azure, On-Prem)

Avalanche + Kaleido

Avalanche is a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain platform that allows developers to build custom decentralized applications with high throughput, sub-second finality, and low transaction fees. Couple this with the customizable and compliant Kaleido platform and you can build for the most complex use cases.

Avalanche Nodes
Build institutional-grade asset platforms across public and private chains
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Build institutional-grade asset platforms across public and private chains
Rated #1
Asset Tokenization & Blockchain on G2
Blocks Mined on Kaleido Chains
Developers Across 30+ Countries
Digital Transformation Projects

Avalanche at a Glance

Chain Configurations
Public, Appchains
Associated Organization
Ava Labs
Consensus Algorithms
Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS)
Smart Contract Language

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche was founded by Emin Gün Sirer in 2020. It gained traction in finance due to its fast, low-cost transactions. Its consensus mechanism and interoperability appeal to industries requiring speed and efficiency, establishing it as a significant player in the blockchain market where assets need to be created and sold to public markets.

What are the benefits of Avalanche?

Avalanche provides benefits such as rapid transaction finalization (sub-second), high throughput (thousands of transactions per second), strong security measures, and the ability to create and deploy custom blockchain networks and decentralized applications (DApps) within its ecosystem.

What are top Avalanche use cases?

Avalanche's benefits resonate across industries, but it’s an especially strong protocol in finance applications where fast, low-cost transactions are required for trading, asset monetization, and yield farming. Supply chains benefit from its traceability and security, while gaming makes use of its quick asset ownership verification.

How to get started with Avalanche?

You can launch an Avalanche chain in minutes on the Kaleido platform using the free trial, enjoying a full suite of plug and play tools and services, or access the source code to build a chain or application of your own.

Scale Your dApp on the Avalanche Network with Familiar Web3 Building Blocks

Kaleido offers highly performant nodes and an unmatched stack of web3 tools and services that make it easier to build quickly—all on a hardened platform designed to handle the most rigorous use cases.

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No Crypto

We manage gas and maximize throughput—and you never touch crypto.

API Generator

Quickly turn your smart contracts into APIs then how they are deployed and by whom.

Token Factory

Mint and manage tokens of any kind to accelerate your digital asset strategy.

Fuji Testnet Support

Launch, test, and perfect on your use case in a test environment without gas.

Event Streams

Connect state changes, transactions, and messages from your dApp to systems of record.
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Block Explorer

Easily monitor transactions, smart contracts, and gas usage in real-time.
The RiskStream Collaborative currently operates across a variety of insurance sectors, including personal lines, commercial lines, life and annuities, and reinsurance. With Kaleido, our members can quickly stand up proof of concepts and then rapidly produce production-hardened applications.
Christopher McDaniel
RiskStream Collaborative

What Can You Build on Avalanche?

DeFi Apps

Build high throughput applications with rapid finality.

Digital Apps

Secure, trade, and sell digital assets on the Avalanche Mainnet.
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Tokenization Projects

Tokenize assets to power your digital strategy and monetize globally.
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NFT Platforms

Leverage Avalanche’s speed and security to manage NFTs at scale.

Web3 Game

Build new experiences and generate revenue with in-game assets.