Custom Sidechains

Launch Your Own Zero Gas, High Performance Sidechain

We help you quickly launch an enterprise chain with high-throughput and public compatibility, so you can bring the full value of web3 to your business.

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For Web3 Projects Looking for the Best Combination of Scale and Cost

Now you can build your own zero gas fee blockchain that is highly scalable, has no competition for finality, and keeps your smart contracts private—while running your chain layer and app close by to maximize performance.

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Launch a custom chain and test into decentralized use cases while maintaining full control of access

Connect to Public Ecosystems

With a public RPC in and white label block explorer you can plug into public ecosystems at will


Maximize throughput and scalability with a fully customizable, dedicated chain for your dapp

Zero Gas

Zero gas fees allow web3 startups to achieve, attract, and reward customers at unlimited scale and low cost

How Kaleido Dedicated Sidechains Compare

Public Sidechain

Diagram showing noisy neighbor and gas fee problem of using public side chains

Build web3 on a chain owned
and shared by others

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Compete with other customers' traffic with a shared sidechain
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Unpredictable gas fees
Red close icon
No control over chain configurations and consensus algorithms
Red close icon
Nodes run by unknown or unwanted parties
Red close icon
No control over who uses the Sidechain
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Users must get and use crypto to transact

Dedicated Sidechain

Diagram showing how Kaleido custom sidechains solve noisy neighbor problems

Your own custom Sidechain for
your own custom use cases

Dedicated sidechain with only your users and traffic
Zero gas fees, zero transaction fees. Period.
Full control over chain configurations and consensus algorithms
You own the nodes, we manage the protocol complexity
You decide user Sidechain access and throughput rates
Users can transact however you want
We started on a permissionless chain but it was too expensive and didn’t perform well. Kaleido changed everything. We never imagined running our own sidechain could be this easy.
CEO, Gaming Startup

Run Our Complete Sidechain Solution Ready for You to Customize

With Kaleidos enterprise-grade infrastructure you can create sidechains and app chains in the clouds and regions of your choice. This allows you to meet technical and regulatory requirements while leveraging all of our out-of-the-box capabilities like tokens, wallets, and storage.

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White label block explorer

Allow access to real-time data, including network status, number and type of transactions, and gas prices

Zero gas fees

Your sovereign, enterprise chain allows you to achieve unlimited scale with no gas fees

No-code tokens

Code-free templates make it easy to tokenize assets, mint, manage, and burn coins, and connect to public ecosystems
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Public bridge

Bridge as a service allows you to control decentralization and remain open to public networks
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Custom rate limits

Manage throughput per user or reward premium customers with added transaction velocity in the admin console
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High quality hardware

Meet rigorous enterprise requirements with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27K certifications, built-in HA/DR, and more

Backup options

Kaleido backup configuration can be customized to each member, organization, or individual node


More than 500 pre-built services and APIs make it easy to tailor your chain to business needs

Build Faster with Open Source

Kaleido Sidechains are backed by Hyperledger FireFly, the first open source Supernode. With a powerful Web3 Gateway and a vibrant open source community, Hyperledger FireFly simplifies development and makes it easy to manage multiple use cases across both public and private chains from a single console.

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Sidechains Simplify Scale for Both Web3 Enterprises and Startups

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NFT platforms

Build decentralized exchanges or platforms to mint NFTs and connect to public chains.
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Gaming startups

Scale transactions, maintain transparency, and limit fees as you attract new customers.

Supply Chain Management

Quickly spin up scalable track and trace applications that maximize efficiency.
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Digital Asset Collectibles

Create unique assets and monetize them on your chain of choice.

Decentralized Finance

Manage, monitor, and move assets across emerging financial ecosystems.
Digital Twins in Hexagons

Asset Tokenization

Digitize real world assets and open new revenue streams.

Sidechains made simple for the enterprise

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