Build Web3 Apps on Ethereum Quickly. Zero Gas Fees.

Kaleido gives you everything you need to build highly scalable, environmentally-friendly blockchain and digital asset solutions - with 0 gas fees.

Ethereum node dashboards in the Kaleido platform
What it is

Your Easy Button for Creating Ethereum
Blockchain Solutions and Digital Assets

Using Ethereum on Kaleido you can start your own sidechain with zero gas fees and connect to the mainnet for security, all in minutes.

Create Powerful Ethereum Nodes in Seconds

One click is all it takes to deploy Ethereum nodes in the geographies and clouds of your choice with Geth, Quorum, or Hyperledger Besu.

Build Faster with 10x the Services and APIs of Other Platforms

With over 400 APIs and pre-built services, Kaleido gets you out of the plumbing and on to the fun stuff quick.

Harness the Security of Ethereum

Configure your Security-aaS. Turn on checkpoints to pin trustless, verifiable, tamper-resistant state proofs to the Ethereum mainnet for ultimate immutability.

Rest Easy With Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Kaleido is built for the enterprise with ISO 27K and SOC 2, Type 2 certifications, modern cloud scale architecture, HA/DR, SLAs, and 24x7 support options.

What Makes it Different

Everything You Need to Build Enterprise-Grade Solutions with Ethereum

We’re on a mission to make it radically simple to build blockchain and digital asset solutions.

With a full suite of pre-built services, powerful APIs, flexible cloud deployment options, and enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, Kaleido is a truly complete platform that makes blockchain development easy - all with high scalability and zero gas fees.

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No Gas Fees

Enjoy all the power and security of blockchain, with none of the gas fees.

Highly Scalable

Get the scale you need for high volume workloads with thousands of transactions per second.

Truly Complete

Get to production faster with pre-built services for tokens, wallets, key management, collaboration, and more.


Satisfy the most stringent enterprise requirements for scalable, production ready networks.

Top-Rated by Developers

Build on the platform rated #1 for blockchain and digital assets on G2.
Side Chains
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Scalability & Speed
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Medium - Varies
High - Configurable
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Energy Efficient
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Cost Predictability
Rated #1
Asset Tokenization & Blockchain on G2
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Developers Across 30+ Countries
Digital Transformation Projects
Use Cases

Web3 Use Cases
Run Better on Kaleido

Decentralized Apps

Develop cutting-edge Web3 applications on immutable, shared ledgers that no one party can control.

NFT Marketplaces

Build a marketplace for digital collectibles that customers can buy, trade, and share on an environmentally-friendly blockchain with 0 gas fees.

Blockchain-Based Games

Design innovative games where players can compete, play, or earn - opening up a new world of possibilities.

Digital Transformation

Modernize legacy, paper-based processes to increase efficiency, lower expenses, and bring systems into the 21st century.

Ethereum on Kaleido Delivers Real Business Value for Your Industry

Kaleido Is the #1 Blockchain and Digital Asset Platform on G2

Learn why companies ranging from cutting-edge start-ups to large global institutions have chosen Kaleido as the #1 blockchain and digital asset platform.

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