Build Enterprise-Grade Apps on Ethereum With Zero Gas Fees

Kaleido gives you everything you need to build highly scalable, enterprise-grade blockchain and digital asset solutions - with 0 gas fees.

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Your Easy Button for Creating Ethereum Blockchain Solutions and Digital Assets

Using Ethereum on Kaleido you can start your own sidechain with zero gas fees and connect to the mainnet for security, all in minutes.

Create Powerful Ethereum Nodes in Seconds

One click is all it takes to deploy Ethereum nodes in the geographies and clouds of your choice with Geth, Quorum, or Hyperledger Besu.

Build Faster With 10x the Services and APIs of Other Platforms

With over 400 APIs and pre-built services, Kaleido gets you out of the plumbing and on to the fun stuff quickly.

Harness the Security of Ethereum

Configure your Security-aaS. Turn on checkpoints to pin trustless, verifiable, tamper-resistant state proofs to the Ethereum mainnet for ultimate immutability.

Rest Easy With Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Kaleido is built for the enterprise with ISO 27K and SOC 2, Type 2 certifications, modern cloud scale architecture, HA/DR, SLAs, and 24x7 support options.

How Ethereum on Kaleido Compares

We’re on a mission to make it radically simple to build blockchain and digital asset solutions.

With a full suite of pre-built services, powerful APIs, flexible cloud deployment options, and enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, Kaleido is a truly complete platform that makes blockchain development easy - all with high scalability and zero gas fees.

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400+ Blockchain APIs
Digital Assets & Tokens
Apps & Secure Data Flows
3rd Party Plug-and-play Marketplace
Multi-Party Control Plane
Flexible Deployment (AWS, Azure, On-Premises)
Enterprise Integration Services
ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 Certified
SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
Built in High Availability and Disaster Recovery
SLAs and 24/7 Support

Interested in Ethereum Mainnet?

Kaleido’s Dedicated Web3 Solutions allow you to create powerful dApps that connect to Ethereum Mainnet on highly customizable, fully dedicated infrastructure that's built to scale.

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Build institutional-grade asset platforms across public and private chains
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Build custom NFT ecosystems on a dedicated infrastructure with no gas fees
Deploy business networks on the world-leading consortia management platform
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Prototype, build, and test digital currencies with powerful protocol and privacy options
Rated #1
Asset Tokenization & Blockchain on G2
Blocks Mined on Kaleido Chains
Developers Across 30+ Countries
Digital Transformation Projects

Ethereum at a Glance

Chain Configurations
Public, Private, Consortium, Sidechains
Associated Organization
Ethereum developers
Consensus Algorithms
Public Ethereum: Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Enterprise Ethereum: Proof-of-Authority (PoA), Raft, Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant
Smart Contract Language

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, is a decentralized blockchain platform. Initially applied in finance and token creation for cryptocurrency, it gained prominence in the business world due to smart contract capabilities. Applications in decentralized finance, supply chain, gaming, and more use this robust ecosystem and regular innovations driven by a community of developers to bring blockchain-backed solutions to legacy systems in need of digitized replacements.

What are the benefits of Ethereum?

Ethereum offers programmability, enabling developers to create self-executing code (smart contracts) and dApps, advanced interoperability among systems, all while the vibrant ecosystem of developers drives innovation in asset tokenization and decentralized finance (DeFi).

What are top Ethereum Use Cases?

Ethereum's versatile blockchain excels in decentralized finance (DeFi), enabling borderless lending, trading, and yield farming. Additionally, it facilitates supply chain transparency, digital identity verification, and tamper-proof voting in the public sector. For private applications, Ethereum powers enterprise consortiums, handling secure document sharing, intercompany transactions, and trackable logistics.

How to get started with Ethereum?

You can launch an enterprise Ethereum chain in minutes on the Kaleido platform using the free trial, enjoying a full suite of plug and play tools and services, or access the source code to build a chain or application of your own.

Enterprise-Grade Quality Comes Standard and Our Pluggable Tools and Services Make Building Easier Than Ever

Build enterprise ready networks on the most proven platform with the features you want—all while getting to production quickly.

Full Featured API

Make blockchain just another endpoint so you can accelerate deployment of d’Apps.

Digital Assets

Utilize a full suite of capabilities to create, manage, and swap tokens - both fungible and non-fungible - for any use case.

Integration Tools

Kaleido Event Streams and REST APIs make it easy to integrate your blockchain application with existing systems.
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Admin Dashboards

Get full visibility into your nodes, runtime, activity logs and utilization.
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Insights and Monitoring

Leverage real-time blockchain monitoring, analytics, and alerts to simplify network management.

Data Explorer

Explore data with native smart contract management, a Block Explorer, and a Token Explorer.
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Key Management

Ensure your keys stay safe and secure with multiple integrated key management options.

Pluggable Security

Control access with pluggable security and click-button governance.
Kaleido provides the enterprise ‘easy button’ and has the deep expertise gained from running thousands of enterprise chains over the last four years.
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Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

Web3 Use Cases Run Better on Kaleido

Decentralized Apps

Develop cutting-edge Web3 applications on immutable, shared ledgers that no one party can control.

Digital Assets

Create digital twins of real world assets that can be instrumented and automated, streamlining how assets move from party to party.
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NFT Marketplaces

Build a marketplace for digital collectibles that customers can buy, trade, and share on an environmentally-friendly blockchain with 0 gas fees.

Decentralized Finance

Build and manage financial processes on the blockchain, making them more secure, efficient, and transparent.

Blockchain-Based Games

Design innovative games where players can compete, play, or earn - opening up a new world of possibilities.
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Digital Transformation

Modernize legacy, paper-based processes to increase efficiency, lower expenses, and bring systems into the 21st century.

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