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Screenshot of the Environment Dashboard in Kaleido's Blockchain-as-a-Service platform
Diagram showing the protocols, blockchain configurations, APIs, and web3 services available in Kaleido's blockchain-as-a-service platform

Launch custom, scalable blockchain networks in minutes

Create and customize enterprise-grade networks in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. We’ve brought the benefits of software as a service and blockchain technology together on an open source platform that puts the potential of the distributed ledger in your hands.

Click-and-Go Networks

Launch networks without the cost and complexity of building from scratch. Start small and rapidly move into production.
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Custom Configurations

Choose from popular cloud properties and hybrid deployment options, geographic regions, protocols like Ethereum, Polygon Edge, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, consensus mechanisms—all at the click of a button.

Plug-and-Play Services

Accelerate development with a full-stack of plug-and-play services for tokens, wallets, key management, storage, collaboration, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Designed to meet the most rigorous requirements, Kaleido is SOC 2 compliant with built-in HA/DR and automatic failover, secure network isolation, SLAs and dedicated 24×7 support options.

Build Borderless Blockchains with
Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud Hosting

The chain is only 5-10% of a full solution. Kaleido offers a full-stack of plug-and-play services to help you get complete enterprise solutions to production faster.

Build Your Own

Diagram showing work involved to build your own blockchain solution

Multiple vendors to manage and a complex infrastructure to build

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Hire a vendor to manage each piece of your blockchain application
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Spend months, if not years, perfecting the underlying technology
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Your data is owned or managed by a third party
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Stick to templated smart contracts and limit customizations to save dev cycles

Blockchain as a Service

Diagram showing how Kaleido's blockchain as a service works

Launch chains immediately and spend time focusing on your business case

We fully manage protocol complexities so you can start realizing value
Deploy your app immediately on the clouds and geographies of your choice
Easily manage members with click-button onboarding and governance
Quickly turn solidity smart contracts into APIs that any developer can understand
Kaleido is hands down the leader in Blockchain-as-a-service. They support the major protocols and technologies that we need across our projects. Our production workloads have run on them for several years.
CTO, Financial Services Industry

Enterprise-Grade Quality Comes Standard—and Pluggable Tools Make Building Easier

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers offer the necessary cloud-based infrastructure and management tools for businesses to develop and maintain applications. Operating like a web hosting service, they manage the necessary backend operations for an app or platform and provide the underlying blockchain technology.

Kaleido goes a step further, providing enterprise-ready networks on a proven platform with all the pluggable features you need to radically accelerate development.

Full Feature API

Make blockchain just another endpoint so you can accelerate deployment of d’Apps.

Digital Assets

A full suite of capabilities to create, manage, and swap tokens- both fungible and non-fungible - for any use case.

Integration Tools

Event Streams and REST APIs make it easy to integrate your blockchain application with existing systems.
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Admin Dashboards

Full visibility into your nodes, runtime, activity logs and utilization.
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Insights and Monitoring

Real-time blockchain monitoring, analytics, and alerts to simplify management.
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Data Explorer

Includes native smart contract management, Block Explorer, and Token Explorer.
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Key Management

Integrated key management with multiple options to ensure your keys stay safe and secure.

Pluggable Security

Control access with pluggable security and click-button governance.

Build Faster with Open Source

Kaleido Blockchain as a Service is backed by Hyperledger FireFly, the first open source Supernode. With a powerful Web3 Gateway and a vibrant open source community, Hyperledger FireFly simplifies development and makes it easy to manage multiple use cases across both public and private chains from a single console.

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