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The Benefits of Blockchain for Healthcare

Blockchain enables profound changes for healthcare by improving efficiency, increasing collaboration, and building trust.

Improving Efficiency

Current healthcare systems are outdated, with siloed data, little automation, and a lot of paperwork. Blockchain makes it possible to increase efficiency and interoperability by digitizing these systems on shared IT infrastructure.

Increasing Collaboration

Treating patients requires healthcare providers, medical systems, and insurance carriers to work together, but sharing data between these parties is inefficient and prone to errors. Blockchain’s shared ledger makes it possible to automate data sharing, while ensuring accuracy and privacy.

Building Trust

When it comes to sharing health data that includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), trust is paramount. Providers need to know the data is accurate, and patients need to know it’s secure. Blockchain provides both built in immutability and security.
Use Cases

How Healthcare Organizations Across the World Are Using Blockchain

The use of blockchain technology is growing quickly and innovative healthcare companies are harnessing it to power digital transformation across a variety of use cases.

Increasing Interoperability

In order to provide optimal care, healthcare information technology needs to access, use, share, and interpret healthcare data cohesively. Blockchain makes it possible to break down data silos and share electronic health records across systems.

Digitizing Legacy Systems

The trust, security, and automation that blockchain offers can transform healthcare systems’ paper-based back office processes into fully digital systems that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Protecting Patient Data

Healthcare requires the exchange of large amounts of sensitive data between multiple parties. Blockchain's inherent security and immutability makes it possible to share data securely, while ensuring accuracy.

Enabling Traceability

Pharmaceutical companies need to know that their standards are being met when sourcing materials from multiple providers. Patients need to know that their medicines are legitimate. The traceability of blockchain makes it possible to ensure quality and reduce counterfeiting.

Streamlining Claims and Payments

Data sharing between medical providers and insurance companies is a lengthy, often complicated process. Blockchain makes it possible to process claims and payments faster by providing a shared source of truth and smart contract based automation.

Accelerating Clinical Trials

Clinical trial data is challenging to collect and often stored insecurely, making it difficult to verify and validate. Blockchain makes it possible to streamline access to critical patient data, while ensuring data integrity.
What Kaleido Does

A Radically Different Approach to Blockchain and Digital Assets

Kaleido's console and APIs make blockchain simple, letting your team concentrate on building applications that provide real business value.

How Kaleido Works

Kaleido's console and APIs make blockchain simple, letting your team concentrate on building applications that provide real business value.
Once your network and services are up and running, manage operations, onboard new members, and scale your services with click button simplicity.

How Kaleido's Used

Build Modern Business Networks
Create Instant, Borderless Blockchains
Manage and Create Digital Assets
Digitize Legacy Processes

The Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Get to Production 10x Faster
Reduce Build Costs by 80%
No Gas Fees
Fast Processing Times
Configurable Consensus Protocols

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Learn why companies ranging from large global institutions to cutting-edge start-ups have chosen Kaleido as the #1 asset tokenization and blockchain as a service provider.

Ease of Use
Quality of Support
Why Businesses Choose Kaleido

Take Control of Your Blockchain Strategy

Kaleido's platform is different because it has everything healthcare companies need to create complete blockchain solutions. With just a few clicks, you can create a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and include additional services.

Blazing Fast Deployment, Speed, and Scale

Deploy Production-Ready Digital Assets in Minutes
Amazingly Low Cost Per Transaction
Multi-Party, Cross-Cloud, and Multi-Region Support
Built-In High Availability and Disaster Recovery
400+ APIs and 40+ Services to Accelerate Development

No Lock-in and Open Source Technologies

Support for Multiple Blockchain Protocols
Enterprise Integrations and Marketplace
Customizable Decentralization Options
Actively Leading New Standards and Technologies

Proven Enterprise Platform and Expertise

ISO and SOC2 Certified
SLAs and  24/7 Support
On-Chain and Off-Chain Services
Secure Key Management
Built-In Monitoring and Smart Contract Management
Proven in Production
Digital Transformation Projects
Blocks Mined on Kaleido Chains
Developers Across 30+ Countries
Rated #1
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