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Hyperledger FireFly is Your Gateway to Web3

Hyperledger FireFly is the first open source Web3 gateway: a complete stack for enterprises to build and scale secure Web3 applications. It's designed to help you reach production faster and connect legacy systems to the wider world of Web3.

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The First Open Source Web3 Gateway

A Complete Stack for Enterprises to Build and Scale Secure Web3 Applications

It’s no secret that building Web3 apps is hard. There are protocols to master, new constructs like tokens and smart contracts to understand, and then the challenge of integrating it all with existing systems, which may be the hardest part of all.

That’s why we worked with the Hyperledger Foundation to create Hyperledger FireFly, the first open-source Web3 gateway.

Hyperledger FireFly serves as a blockchain middleware, making it easier to connect reliably across multiple public and private blockchains and manage the full lifecycle of digital assets with native token and indexing support.

Accelerate Development

Build Web3 apps faster with a rich stack of native Web3, B2B, and integration services.

Automate Deployment

Deploy and manage many apps on the FireFly platform from a
single console.

Run at Scale

Connect to the multi-chain and multi-protocol Web3 world on a scalable, cloud-native platform built as microservices on Kubernetes.
Version 1.1 now released!
The Benefits

Build Complex Data Flows With the Best of Off-Chain and On-Chain Interactions Across Networks

Enterprise Friendly Open Source

Apache 2.0 license governed by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger community

Build Faster

10x to 100x faster to build blockchain solutions

Industrial Scale

Designed for business networks that span industry wide ecosystems and planetary scale

Simple Member Onboarding

Built in network map and credential registry to simplify member management

Proven Patterns of Deployment

Unify off-chain and on-chain technologies needed to implement a decentralized app

Simple & Robust Cross-Org Data Flows

Send data off-chain with simple flags on what events should be pinned to the blockchain

Popular Capabilities

Simple API's for digital assets, tokens, advanced compute, and more

Pre-Built Enterprise-Grade Components

Messaging, events, document transfer, transactions, and tokens

Made for Developers

An intuitive set of API's that simplify building real world blockchain applications

Golden Usage Pattern

Hyperledger FireFly & Web3

How FireFly leverages blockchain
How FireFly extends blockchain
  • Global ordering
  • Finality
  • Generated simple REST APIs
  • Built-in operations for common enterprise patterns
  • Data immutability (hash pinning)
  • Schema definition and lifecycle
  • Messages and documents
  • Private off-chain transfer
  • Efficient broadcast of large data
  • Rich query, fast search cache
Process Orchestration
  • Sequencing
  • Triggering
  • Trusted event-driven coordination
  • Reliable event streaming for triggering
  • Pluggable decision/authorization logic
  • Extensible off-chain logic execution engines
Digital Assets, Tokens, & NFTs
  • Conservation of value
  • Double spend protection
  • Lineage of ownership
  • Data Immutability
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Built-in operations for common enterprise patterns
  • Digital signatures
  • Ownership proofs
  • Identity registry address book
  • Transport encryption keys

Everything you need to quickly and easily build multi-member blockchain networks

Simple API and Programming Model

Define data schemas, send messages, share data, process events

Member Governance

Use the network map to simplify member onboarding and synchronization

Web3 Gateway

Start up a powerful stack of integrated technologies with a single command

Multi-Party Data Flows

Easily program coordination of activities across members

FireFly Explorer

Rich web application for DevOps and network administration

Blockchain-Backed Activities

Pin any activity to a blockchain with a single parameter

Enterprise Privacy

Choose the right level of privacy for each operation

Multi-Protocol Support

Use multiple protocols like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum (Quorum, Besu), and Corda

What is the Hyperledger FireFly Web3 Gateway?

The FireFly Web3 gateway is a set of connectors and runtimes managed by FireFly. FireFly exposes a simple API for use by developers building decentralized applications.
Hyperledger FireFly Supernode architecture

Hyperledger FireFly Runs Better on Kaleido

FireFly OS
FireFly OS on Kaleido
Features and Services
FireFly Web3 Gateway
Simple enterprise data flows across a business network
FireFly Explorer
Intuitive management and DevOps console
Multi-Protocol Support
Utilize Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum (Quorum, Besu), and Corda
Open Source Code and Portable Applications
Build on standard APIs so that there's no vendor lock-in
Simple Multi-Cloud Deploy
Deploy FireFly across global AWS and Azure regions in minutes.
24x7 Support
Around the clock support to enterprise standards
Automated Member Onboarding
Add new orgs to the network in a few clicks
Certified and Tested Releases
Hardened releases tested and optimized by us
Managed Software Upgrades
Hardened releases and single click rolling upgrades
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Resilient runtimes and backed up data storage

Learn How to Get Started Using FireFly and How to Contribute

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Blockchain made radically simple for the enterprise

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