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Public Chains

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure for Connecting to Public Chains

Instantly tap into public networks with a full suite of tools on the most trusted platform for enterprise development. No crypto required.

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Build Powerful dApps Quickly With a Full Stack of Plug and Play Services

Our dedicated nodes offer a reliable connection to public networks, so you can access data, submit transactions, and monitor on-chain activity. Match your node with our open source powered platform—complete with a library of pluggable tools—and you can reach production faster than ever.

Instant Public Connections

Connect easily to public chains without having to build out expensive infrastructure or teams to manage blockchain development

Pluggable Tools

Reach production faster with pre-built tools like wallets, storage, messaging, and a white label block explorer

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Our platform is SOC 2 Type 2 certified with built-in HA/DR and automatic failover, secure network isolation, SLAs and dedicated 24×7 support options

Flexible Nodes

With options for Full and Archive nodes in dedicated or elastic configurations, we help you build flexible endpoints that grow with your business

Connect to public networks on the 
blockchain platform global leaders trust.
 No crypto required.

With Kaleido, you can realize the value and security of public ecosystems on an enterprise-grade platform that fully manages crypto complexity.

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How Kaleido Public Chains Compare

Node Runners
RPC Providers
Public Node Running
Ethereum Nodes
Avalanche Nodes
Polygon Nodes
Network Orchestration Tools
Dedicated Infrastructure
Web3 Services
Digital Assets & Tokens
3rd Party Plug-and-play Marketplace
400+ Blockchain APIs
Apps & Secure Data Flows
Multi-Party Control Plane
Enterprise Features
Built in High Availability and Disaster Recovery
SLAs and 24/7 Support
Enterprise Integration Services
Flexible Deployment (AWS, Azure, On-Premises)
ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 Certified
SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
Kaleido provides the enterprise ‘easy button’ and has the deep expertise gained from running thousands of enterprise chains over the last four years.
Antoni Martin
Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

Launch Your dApp and Enjoy Immediate Scalability

By getting live quickly and avoiding a costly infrastructure build, you can leverage the world’s leading web3 platform to connect to public networks, build quickly, and reach new customers.

Our platform couples a simple-to-use interface with cloud scale architecture, always-up resiliency, elastic performance, and ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications for a truly enterprise-grade experience.

Gas Management

We can help you manage gas fees, monitor costs, and maximize your budget as you push transactions to public chains

Multi-chain Connectivity

Connect to popular public chains and support for advanced use cases like bridging across chains—all from a single console

Robust Token Capabilities

Our token factory makes it easy to spin up tokens from existing templates or create custom tokens around your business

Smart API Generator

Quickly turn your smart contracts into APIs with our developer-friendly smart contract generator

Scalable Solutions

Distribute workload across multiple systems to improve the scalability of the application and ensure your application remains online

Chain Analytics

Gain valuable insights with advanced analytics and a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to view logs and query data

Custom Configurations

Customizable gateway configurations, pluggable security, and wallet integrations make it easy to shape your application to your company’s needs
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Block Explorer

View on-chain activities like transactions, smart contracts, gas rates, and gas consumption easily and in real-time
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Blocks Mined on Kaleido Chains
Developers Across 30+ Countries
Digital Transformation Projects

Unlock the Value of Web3

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NFT Platforms

Access leading public blockchains to sell, manage, and monitor NFTs at scale
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Web3 Gaming

Instantly build decentralized gaming and NFT experiences to win and reward new customers

Data Marketplaces

Turn your company data into a new revenue stream as you connect with peers and competitors on blockchain networks
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DeFi Apps

Batch and submit transactions to public networks with an eye toward performance, efficiency, and gas management

Digital Assets

Manage digital assets at scale while accessing public ecosystems to make, trade, or sell digital assets
Digital Twins in Hexagons


Represent real world assets digitally—then find new revenue streams as you monetize those assets globally

Public chains made simple for the enterprise

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ISO27K & SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
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