AWS Log Streaming

View and Monitor Your Kaleido Resources in AWS Cloudwatch

Kaleido integrates with AWS CloudWatch so that you can access all of your data from a single platform and quickly gain insights and diagnose issues.
What it is

AWS Log Streaming for Blockchain Networks

Kaleido seamlessly integrates with AWS CloudWatch, to diagnose problems quickly, through your application stack, right down onto the chain. The monitoring and management service provides data and actionable insights to monitor your applications running on Kaleido, understand and respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of operational health. Visualize key metrics like CPU utilization and memory. You can also correlate a log pattern, e.g. error to a specific metric to quickly get the context and go from diagnosing the problem to understanding the root cause.

Access All of Your Data from a Single Platform

Enables you to collect metrics and logs from all your AWS resources, applications, and services that run on AWS and on-premises servers, helping you break down data silos so you can easily gain system-wide visibility.

Richest and Deepest Insights for AWS Resources

Natively integrated with more than 70 AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, etc. that automatically publish detailed 1-minute metrics and custom metrics with up to 1-second granularity.

Visibility Across your Applications, Infrastructure, and Services

Visualize key metrics like CPU utilization and memory. You can also correlate a log pattern, e.g. error to a specific metric to quickly get the context and go from diagnosing the problem to understanding the root cause.

How it Works

The Ethereum logs for each node serve as a rich datasource for devops-centric tasks such as application troubleshooting and operational health monitoring. While the Kaleido /logs API provides a convenient endpoint to retrieve these logs, it requires a manual configuration against the consortia/environment/node resource IDs and must be constantly polled to ensure up-to-date streams.

As an alternative to this configuration-intensive approach, Kaleido offers the option to integrate nodes with AWS’ monitoring and management service, Cloudwatch, and directly stream real time logs. 

A fully-encompassed monitoring service provides the ability to visualize Kaleido logs alongside existing resources and processes, and surfaces an aggregated trove of data that can lead to greater insights and application optimization. 

For example, your Cloudwatch service could be customized to trigger metric-based alarms and issue automated actions based on certain inflections. This centralized view of the core application and business processes helps lead to more informed decisions and increased efficiency.

Why Kaleido

Everything You Need to Build Enterprise-Grade Blockchain and Digital Asset Solutions on AWS

Kaleido's blockchain platform makes it radically simple for businesses to create complete web3 networks and applications. With just a few clicks, you can launch a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and start plugging in familiar services.

Quickly Launch Blockchain

Launch blockchain networks in minutes
Choose from leading protocols
Select permissioned chains, appchains,  sidechains, or consortium chains
Deploy on AWS, Azure or on-prem
Stand up nodes worldwide in regions of your choice

Simplify Development to Get to
Production Fast

Access 40+ plug-and-play services for wallets, key management, storage, data, and more
Automate management and deployment with our fully API-enabled platform
Turn any smart contract into familiar APIs with our smart contract API generator
Make digital assets, NFTs, and consortia easy with our dedicated solutions
Mint, manage, and burn tokens at scale with robust tooling

All Backed by Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support

Modern cloud scale architecture
Built-in high availability and disaster recovery
ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
Integrate seamlessly with existing internal systems
Open source tech and no vendor lockin
24x7 support and SLAs
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