NFT Platform

A Radically Different Approach to Launching NFT Ecosystems

Build an NFT solution that is tailored to your needs and easy for your customers to use. No more shared infrastructure or vendor lock-in—only a fully-owned experience.

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Bring Web3 to you with NFT experiences that are easier for customers to use

Most “quick launch” NFT solutions require users to understand crypto, operate on shared infrastructure, and offer limited, one-size-fits-all feature sets. Our approach is radically different. We bring web3 to you. Our NFT platform makes it easy to build solutions fully tailored to your use case. Build on a high-quality, dedicated chain with 0 gas fees and high performance, all backed by enterprise-grade infrastructure hardened for the most rigorous use cases.

Get Live Quickly

Reach production quickly and achieve true enterprise scale without compromising on user experience, throughput, or security

Build With Unmatched Flexibility

With 500+ plug-and-play services and APIs, our platform has the power to take you wherever you want to go—however the world of web3 shakes out

Build on Dedicated Infrastructure

Run your NFT experience in a dedicated cloud account on dedicated infrastructure that is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27K compliant with scalable, automated hosting

Harness Web3 on Your Terms

Launch an experience that allows you to unlock the value of web3 without requiring customers to have crypto or blockchain experience

Enjoy Enterprise-Grade Security & Scale

SSOs, pluggable security, and click-button governance make our NFT platforms perfect for the enterprise that’s ready to tap into the power of web3

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in

Build your NFT experience on a robust open source platform with multi-protocol connectivity—own your nodes and your data

How Kaleido’s NFT Platform Compares

Other NFT Platforms

Limited customization by building in a ecosystem owned by others

Compete with other customer’s traffic with a shared sidechain
Unpredictable gas fees
No control over chain configurations and consensus algorithms
Nodes run by unknown or unwanted parties
Locked in to 3rd party chain with no migration capability
Users must get and use crypto to transact

NFT Platform

Limited customization by building in a ecosystem owned by others

Dedicated sidechain with only your users and traffic
Zero gas fees, zero transaction fees. Period.
Full control over chain configurations and consensus algorithms
You own the nodes, we manage the protocol complexity
Backup, restore, and migrate anytime, anywhere
Users can transact however you want
We met with more than 15 vendors to get our NFT experience off the ground. We were thrilled when we found Kaleido. They proved to be a one-stop shop capable of executing on our entire web3 strategy.

CTO, Global Gaming Company

We get your NFT application live fast so you can tap into the value of Web3

Kaleido is SOC 2 and ISO certified, which means we’re accustomed to building applications that offer both security and scale. Our NFT platform builds on this same hardened platform to help enterprises tap into the value of NFTs faster.

Dedicated Sidechain

Own your chain completely and realize enterprise-grade up-time

Dedicated Infrastructure

Avoid noisy neighbors and network risks with a fully customizable chain

White Label Block Explorer

Monitor transactions and enjoy real-time visibility into the value of your assets

Admin Console

Easily mint and manage NFT collections from a single dashboard

Simple User On-Boarding

Integrate seamlessly with your SSO and manage user wallets automatically

No Cost Transactions

Process transactions with zero gas fees and save

Advanced Analytics API

Easily view, compile, and share data to drive business decisions

Secure and Scalable

Pluggable security makes it easy to control access and meet regulations
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Developers Across 30+ Countries

Build Any NFT Use Case

Unlike some pre-built modules, each of our NFT platforms is built around your business. Like choosing your own adventure, you pick the features and tools you need to do business and carve your own path. We simply make your use case a reality.

Digital Collectibles

NFTs of sports moments, limited-issue products, or luxury goods—there’s no limit to what you can create

In-Game Assets

From gaming skins and characters to powerups and rewards, you can attract and retain players with NFTs

Carbon Markets

Carbon markets are an an emerging revenue opportunity for enterprises, and credits can be minted, traded, and sold on our NFT platform

Digital Artwork Ecosystem

Use our platform to create digital artwork to sell, crowdsource funding by fractionalizing assets, or publish an NFT to a public marketplace

Digital Twins

Tokenizing real world assets is simpler than ever with our NFT marketplace, allowing enterprises to represent assets digitally for management, sale, or trade

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