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Kaleido simplifies Go Ethereum (or Geth) development, making it possible to create powerful blockchain networks and digital assets in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

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The Most Powerful, Flexible Platform for Go-Ethereum Development

The go-ethereum Open Source project, or ‘Geth’, is the most popular Ethereum client backing the main-net. Kaleido contributes actively to the Geth project, and has a depth of experience running and maintaining thousands of chains, including critical production workloads.

Built to sustain the security requirements of a large network of anonymous participants, and hardened through thousands of deployments running worldwide for a number of years, it provides a rugged and proven solution for running a private blockchain network.

Clique/POA Consensus

Proof of authority based consensus. Instead of miners racing to find a solution to a difficult problem, authorized signers create new blocks in a synchronized manner.

Open Source

Community driven and used by numerous organizations and individuals.


We offer three size options for deploying a node, with different transaction pool, memory and CPU limitations – ready for the demands of a production permissioned network.

How Geth on Kaleido compares

We match the Ethereum Network with an enterprise-grade platform and a stack of pluggable tools so you can reach production faster.

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400+ Blockchain APIs
Digital Assets & Tokens
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Enterprise-Grade Quality Comes Standard and Our Pluggable Tools and Services Make Building Easier Than Ever

Build enterprise ready networks on the most proven platform with the features you want—all while getting to production quickly.

Full Featured API

Make blockchain just another endpoint so you can accelerate deployment of d’Apps.

Digital Assets

Utilize a full suite of capabilities to create, manage, and swap tokens - both fungible and non-fungible - for any use case.

Integration Tools

Kaleido Event Streams and REST APIs make it easy to integrate your blockchain application with existing systems.
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Admin Dashboards

Get full visibility into your nodes, runtime, activity logs and utilization.
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Insights and Monitoring

Leverage real-time blockchain monitoring, analytics, and alerts to simplify network management.

Data Explorer

Explore data with native smart contract management, a Block Explorer, and a Token Explorer.
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Key Management

Ensure your keys stay safe and secure with multiple integrated key management options.

Pluggable Security

Control access with pluggable security and click-button governance.
Kaleido provides the enterprise ‘easy button’ and has the deep expertise gained from running thousands of enterprise chains over the last four years.

Enterprise Use Cases Run Better on Kaleido

Geth is a protocol of choice for industries like financial services, insurance, and supply chain management where enterprise-grade.

Geth made radically simple for the enterprise

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