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Quickly Launch Avalanche Subnets on the Only All-In-One Web3 Platform

Build with Avalanche Appchains on our industrial-grade platform and endlessly customize your dApp with pluggable tools and services.

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Accelerate Custom dApp Development on Avalanche Subnets

Avalanche Subnets are proving to be a valuable scaling solution for cutting-edge web3 applications across gaming, finance, and NFT ecosystems. Without competition from the mainnet, there is no competition for throughput, which means endless scale. Add to this quicker transaction processing and the ability to free up validators to focus only on chains relevant to them, and Subnets are a flexible and performant option for enterprise use cases.

Fully Customizable

Easily define token fees and structures, permissions, privacy, and validator incentives to tailor Subnets to your use case.


When you build on a chain dedicated to your use case you avoid all throughput bottlenecks, allowing for unlimited scale.

Cost Efficient

Avoiding mainnet fees allows teams to build with more controlled, predictable gas fees and lower the cost of each transaction.

Faster Finality

Subnets cut response times and avoid mainnet traffic to dramatically increase the number of transactions completed each second.

How Avalanche Subnets on Kaleido Compare

We match Avalanche with an enterprise-grade platform and a stack of pluggable tools so you can reach production faster.

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Avalanche + Kaleido

Avalanche is a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain platform that allows developers to build custom decentralized applications with high throughput, sub-second finality, and low transaction fees. Couple this with the customizable and compliant Kaleido platform and you can build for the most complex use cases.

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Build institutional-grade asset platforms across public and private chains
Avalanche Subnets
Build institutional-grade asset platforms across public and private chains
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Build Faster and Unlock Limitless Scale When You Couple Avalanche Subnets With Our Web3 Platform

Avalanche Subnets are fully customizable. You can define the number of validators and how they are incentivized. This makes it a highly flexible scaling solution for enterprises that want an application-specific chain that can grow with their business.

When you run Subnets on Kaleido, you get the added benefit of an enterprise-grade, compliant platform and a team of web3 experts committed to helping you realize business value quickly.

Quick Launch

Reach production 10x faster with click-button chain configurations, governance, and tokens.

Pluggable Web3 Services

Plug in wallets, messaging, and storage of your choice to meet business and customer needs.

Asset Tokenization

Generate tokens of any type quickly with our provided token templates or upload of your custom token contract.

Custom APIs

Streamline development of your application and generate restful APIs with the click of a button.

Event Streams

Manage your application end-to-end with full oversight of state, transactions, and messages as we make it easy to get info on and off chain.
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Block Explorer

Monitor on-chain activity and the performance of your application in real-time.

Open-Source Orchestration

Coordinate multiple applications from a single console with Hyperledger FireFly, our open-source middleware engine.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

Build on a SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27k compliant platform with built-in HA/DR, secure network isolation, SLAs and dedicated 24×7 support options.
The RiskStream Collaborative currently operates across a variety of insurance sectors, including personal lines, commercial lines, life and annuities, and reinsurance. With Kaleido, our members can quickly stand up proof of concepts and then rapidly produce production-hardened applications.
Christopher McDaniel
RiskStream Collaborative

Build Advanced Subnets on Kaleido

Businesses reach production faster when they combine Avalanche Subnets with the full suite of web3 development tools offered on the Kaleido platform.

Web3 Gaming

Design in-game assets and map wallets to users more easily.

NFT Platforms

Mint and manage millions of non-fungible tokens on a dedicated chain.
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Decentralized Finance

Create new financial products and attract customers at scale.
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Digital Asset Collectibles

Build loyalty through unique assets and monetize them on the chain of your choice.
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Asset Tokenization

Tokenize real-world assets and build marketplaces that drive revenue.


Form communities around your brand using peer-to-peer transactions.

Avalanche Subnets made simple for the enterprise

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