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CBDC Platform

Radically Simplify CBDC Development With a Full Stack of Tools

Quickly prototype, build, and test digital currencies while experimenting with protocol and privacy options to perfect your use case.

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Create secure, flexible CBDC Sandboxes to accelerate digital currency solutions

Kaleido's CBDC Platform makes it easy for central and commercial banks to build fully-custom, wholly-owned CBDC Sandboxes for testing use cases and moving to production—cutting development times and cost by 10x.

Our platform is trusted around the globe in wholesale, retail, and experimental CBDC programs for its ability to meet the most stringent requirements.

Advanced Tokenization

Mint and manage currencies at scale and safely connect to any custody or privacy solution

Choose Your Deployment

Deploy on AWS, Azure, or in your own private cloud

Click-Button Onboarding

Easily onboard and manage new members to test use cases and get feedback faster

Choose Your Protocol

Build on your choice of protocols including Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, and more


Build on a ISO 27k and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform—backed by SLAs and 24x7 support

Flexible Privacy Tools

Experiment with a variety of privacy constructs to adapt to regulatory and customer needs

Trusted by Central Banks & Financial Institutions Worldwide

Stand Up CBDC Sandboxes for Any Use Case

The popularity of new forms of money offers commercial and central banks the opportunity to resolve inefficiencies in the banking system, define new economies, and provide greater social value. Kaleido’s CBDC Platform is a secure way to quickly test new models and accelerate the adoption of digital currency.

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Wholesale CBDCs

Build systems to settle large financial transactions like interbank transfers

Retail CBDCs

Test government-issued digital currencies for consumers to use in everyday life

Delivery Versus Payment (DvP)

Digitize the simultaneous delivery of securities in exchange for payment

Payment Versus Payment (PvP)

Automate, program, and settle large exchanges of foreign currency

Receive Versus Payment (RvP)

Program systems to issue payments upon the the verified of delivery goods

Cross-border payments

Remove friction from the transfer of securities across international borders
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Why Use Kaleido to Launch Your CBDC

Build Your Own

Spend months building blockchain infrastructure and figuring out table stakes items before your use case

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Launch your CBDC in months if not years
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Manually create and enforce governance policies into the network
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Hard to use admin tools accessible only to the network creator
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Complicated onboarding processes
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Manage complexity of on and off-chain data exchange between orgs
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You troubleshoot issues that arise

CBDC Platform

Focus on your CBDC use case and
leave the blockchain and
backend layer to us

Quick launch your CBDC network in minutes
Built-in governance policies dictating access to the network
Easy to use UI for all permissioned organizations and users
Click-button onboarding for consortium members
Data exchange & storage for all types of transactions
Priority support & blockchain expertise from Kaleido

Build Faster with Open Source

Hyperledger FireFly is the first open source Supernode, a complete stack for building and scaling secure web3 applications. It leverages a vibrant open source community to simplify development, accelerate the path to production, and seamlessly connect legacy systems to blockchain platforms.

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Kaleido’s CBDC Platform underpins many of the CBDC pilot projects around the globe..their flexible, secure platform can help you define the future of money.

Plug and Play Tools and Services Give You the Flexibility to Build Quickly and Test More

With over 500 pre-built APIs, tools and services, Kaleido offers financial institutions the ability to quickly stand up innovative business models, test a variety of use cases, and identify the benefits, risks, and operational needs of future digital currency applications.

CBDC Factory

Design your digital currencies to match your use case and retain full control of the asset lifecycle

Policy Management

Build custom rules and policies, easily automate who can do what when, and connect to AML and KYC solutions

Identity & Access Management

Onboard members and manage identities with familiar SSOs and protocols like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML

Smart Contract Management

Easily generate APIs from smart contracts to integrate with backend processes and third-party tools

Rest API Gateway

Mange smart contracts, send and monitor transactions, query data, and more—while providing non-developers access to systems

App2App Messaging

Streamline communications with end-to-end encryption, ensuring only your recipient receives a message and data remains secure
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Pluggable Wallets

Deploy native custody options, including HD wallets and cloud HSMs, or integrate with popular third-party providers

Event Streams

Respond dynamically to state changes, transactions, and more to build event-driven applications and processes

CBDCs Made Radically Simple for Central and Commercial Banks

No Credit Card Required
ISO27K & SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
Free Training & Support