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Leverage the potential of enterprise blockchain technology to transform your business, industry and our society as a whole.

Solutions for Every Industry

Designed as a general purpose platform to support all industries, Kaleido can help organizations make an immediate impact in banking, finance, government, entertainment, travel, healthcare, supply chain, and more.

We're helping transform areas like payments, reservation systems, self-sovereign genomics, disease surveillance, loyalty programs, land registry, digital collectables, and intellectual property rights, just to name a few.
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Drive disruptive innovation through faster real-time payments, settlements and remittances; transparent compliance reporting and audit; more efficient cross-border payments, claims processing; core banking accessibility and more.
  • See how UnionBank is using Kaleido to provide financial inclusion to over 35 million unbanked Filipinos.
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Financial Services

Create a secure and frictionless environment for commodities trade finance, cross-border payments, share trading, securities, claims management, derivatives and more.
  • Learn how some of the world's largest banks and commercial institutions came together to transform the commodities trade finance sector.
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Supply Chain

Track every touchpoint of goods across use cases such as food safety, automotive recalls, diamond trade, retail, contracts, payments, distribution and more; to verify provenance, reduce fraud and ensure traceability.
  • Learn how Kaleido can create new efficiencies and accelerate the movement of goods across the supply chain.
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Government and Public Sector

Better serve citizens and constituents by building trust, protecting data, reducing time and lowering costs across use cases such as disease surveillance, voting & elections, land title registry, benefits & entitlement, contract & vendor management, education, and more.
  • Learn how The World Wide Fund for Nature's Impactio platform enables funding for projects at scale to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues.
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Deliver immutability, transparency and security for permission-based sharing of health information, medical accreditation, clinical trials and more.
  • Learn how Caifeng Gene is creating a genomic data exchange with Kaleido to combat China's diabetes epidemic.
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Media and Entertainment

Transform the way content is created, consumed and protected; opening up new models for media management including digital collectables, ad buying, online ticketing, rights management and more.
  • See how Greenfence Consumer is using Kaleido to empower the entertainment industry with blockchain.
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Fact of companies involving with blockchain
Portrait - Radiant Earth CEO
"With blockchain, geospatial information about our Earth can be more accessible to the organizations who need it most. We are using Kaleido to unlock high-resolution Earth imagery and improve sharing between commercial data providers and authorized customers."
Anne Hale Miglarese
CEO, Radiant Earth
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