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Kaleido simplifies Corda development, making it possible to create powerful blockchain networks and digital assets in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

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We Provide a Powerful Platform for Corda Development

Corda allows you to build interoperable blockchain networks that transact in strict privacy. Corda's smart contract technology allows businesses to develop shared IT solutions using secure JVM based technologies. It was designed by R3 for enterprise use with privacy as the foundational principle.

Corda-powered blockchain business networks on Kaleido are built for organizations looking to accelerate their collaborative transformation efforts across all sectors, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain, and more.

Built-In Network Governance

With strong organizational identity woven into the architecture, participants can transact with confidence and regulatory compliance.

Flexible Smart Contracts

Smart contracts that can be written in Java, Kotlin and other JVM languages.

Privacy by Default

All transactions on Corda are directly sent among the counter parties, using a Unspent Transaction Output model so they're private by default.

How Corda on Kaleido Compares

We match Corda with an enterprise-grade platform and a stack of pluggable tools so you can reach production faster.

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Corda at a Glance

Chain Types
Private, Consortium
Associated Organization
Consensus Algorithms
Raft , Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT)
Smart Contract Language
Java, Kotlin

What is Corda?

Corda, introduced by R3 in 2016, saw early use in finance for smart contract-driven transactions. Its privacy, scalability, and industry-specific approach appealed to sectors like finance, healthcare, and supply chain, addressing their unique requirements for immutable records and privacy. One aspect that separates Corda from other protocols is that there is no globally shared ledger meaning Corda only supports private transactions amongst counterparties.

What are the benefits of Corda?

Corda provides a secure and private environment for businesses to transact, reducing the need for intermediaries. Its unique architecture enables efficient collaboration while maintaining confidentiality.

What are top Corda Use Cases?

Corda excels in finance, automating complex transactions through smart contracts, reducing reconciliation efforts. Healthcare leverages its privacy for secure patient data sharing. Like other protocols, Corda has also been used in supply chain management for transparent and efficient tracking to manage the passage of goods and minimize disputes. Its advanced customizability ensures businesses can build truly tailored solutions to drive adoption and effectiveness.

How to get started with Corda?

You can launch a Corda chain in minutes on the Kaleido platform using the free trial, enjoying a full suite of plug and play tools and services, or access the source code to build a chain or application of your own.

Enterprise-Grade Quality Comes Standard and Our Pluggable Tools and Services Make Building Easier Than Ever

Build enterprise ready networks on the most proven platform with the features you want—all while getting to production quickly.

Full Featured API

Make blockchain just another endpoint so you can accelerate deployment of d’Apps.

Digital Assets

Utilize a full suite of capabilities to create, manage, and swap tokens - both fungible and non-fungible - for any use case.

Integration Tools

Kaleido Event Streams and REST APIs make it easy to integrate your blockchain application with existing systems.
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Admin Dashboards

Get full visibility into your nodes, runtime, activity logs and utilization.
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Insights and Monitoring

Leverage real-time blockchain monitoring, analytics, and alerts to simplify network management.

Data Explorer

Explore data with native smart contract management, a Block Explorer, and a Token Explorer.
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Key Management

Ensure your keys stay safe and secure with multiple integrated key management options.

Pluggable Security

Control access with pluggable security and click-button governance.
The RiskStream Collaborative currently operates across a variety of insurance sectors, including personal lines, commercial lines, life and annuities, and reinsurance. With Kaleido, our members can quickly stand up proof of concepts and then rapidly produce production-hardened applications.
Christopher McDaniel
RiskStream Collaborative

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