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Deploy collaborative web3 business networks on the latest technology with our world-leading consortia management platform.

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Build successful blockchain consortia 10x faster with 90% less cost

We let you build on your protocol of choice—including Ethereum, Polygon Edge, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, and more—and quickly start iterating on your business case. With more than 500 pluggable services and APIs, world leaders choose Kaleido to launch consortia that define industries and make the world work better.

Quick Launch

Deploy multi-cloud, multi-region blockchain networks on the protocol of your choice in minutes.

Fully-Automated Management

With tools for multi-party DevSecOps, governance, onboarding, you can manage your networks from a single dashboard

Fits Any Size Organization

With options for all budgets, we can customize consortia to meet the needs of both full and light members
Diagram showing how Kaleido's blockchain consortium-as-a-service works

What is consortium as a service?

Simply put, consortium-as-a-service provides cloud-based infrastructure that makes it easy to build, deploy, and maintain a consortium network. To build production-grade consortia quickly and cost effectively, your consortia as a service provider must:

  • Quickly deploy nodes on the protocol of your choice
  • Support multi-cloud, multi-region hosting
  • Streamline both on-chain and off-chain data sharing
  • Automate business flows and coordinate maintenance
  • Onboard new members easily
  • Manage network governance
  • Easily integrate with existing back off systems

Kaleido supports all of that and more on a fully enterprise-grade platform with modern cloud scale architecture, always-up resiliency, elastic performance, SLAs and 24x7 support options.

Why Use Kaleido to
Launch Your Consortium

Build Your Own

Diagram showing the work involved to build your own consortium

Spend months building blockchain infrastructure and figuring out table stakes items before your use case.

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Launch your consortium network in months if not years
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Vendor lock-in when leveraging proprietary software services
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Manually create and enforce governance policies into the network
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Hard to use admin tools accessible only to the network creator
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Complicated onboarding processes
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Manage complexity of on and off-chain data exchange between orgs
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You troubleshoot issues that arise

Dedicated Consortium

Kaleido Dedicated Consortium Diagram

Focus on your consortium use
case and leave the blockchain
and backend layer to us.

Quick launch your consortium network in minutes
No vendor lock-in with open source technology built in
Built-in governance policies dictating access to the network
Easy to use UI for all permissioned organizations and users
Click-button onboarding for consortium members
Data exchange & storage for all types of transactions
Priority support & blockchain expertise from Kaleido
The RiskStream Collaborative currently operates across a variety of insurance sectors, including personal lines, commercial lines, life and annuities, and reinsurance. With Kaleido, our members can quickly stand up proof of concepts and then rapidly produce production-hardened applications.
Christopher McDaniel
RiskStream Collaborative

Simple tools let network operators fully manage their consortium

Once you create an account, you can stand up a chain in a few clicks—then begin inviting members to your consortium. This quick deployment makes it easier for businesses to iterate on a use case, and eliminate lengthy development cycles completely.

Get a proven, high-quality network live in a fraction of the time and begin unlocking the value of blockchain-backed collaboration immediately.

Developer Tools

Smart contract management, REST API gateway, and our white label block explorer simplify doing business on your application

App & Data Flows

Safely communicate, manage users and keys, and automate the exchange of information with pluggable tools and services

Custom Security and Tenancy

Our hardened compute stack offers tailored security and tenancy devoted to your business network

Open and Portable

Build and run across Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum (Quorum, Besu, Geth), Corda, and Hyperledger FireFly

Web3 Asset Management

No-code token templates, pluggable wallets, and public chain tethers quickly allow you to make, manage, and trade assets publicly or privately
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Decentralized Dedicated Hosting

Host your own blockchain application to meet regulatory and legal requirements, while enjoying automated updates and deployments

Plug and Play Marketplace

Find exactly the services you need to build your business network via our library of familiar, proven development tools
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Multi-Party Control Plane

A comprehensive set of tools that help you tailor your network to your business

Build Faster with Open Source

Kaleido Consortium is backed by Hyperledger FireFly, the first open source Supernode. With a powerful Web3 Gateway and a vibrant open source community, Hyperledger FireFly simplifies development and makes it easy to manage multiple use cases across both public and private chains from a single console.

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Reinventing collaborative industry ecosystems

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Business Networks

Drive industry-leading consortia in finance, insurance, and healthcare

Track and Trace

Manage materials and get real-time visibility from source to shelf

Data Marketplaces

Monetize and share data to eliminate costly, inaccurate paper systems
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Digital Transformation

Digitalize legacy systems and automate workflows with web3 collaborations

Cross-Industry Collaboration

Conduct business across borders in industries like trade, finance, or agriculture
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Make it easy for users to select and deploy multiple applications via a simple user interface

Consortia made radically simple for the enterprise

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