On Chain Registry

Bind Organizations Within Your Private Networks to Ethereum Addresses

With Kaleido’s On Chain Registry you can easily bind organizations within your private networks to Ethereum addresses.
What it is

What It Is

Bind organizations within your private networks to Ethereum addresses.

Add enterprise identity to your blockchain with a decentralized on-chain registry of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) backed digital certificates mapped to organizations, Ethereum addresses and end users.

Relationship Mapping

Register associated user identities and logically bind them to their organization. This allows external users to sign transactions with their own private keys, while still being unambiguously associated with the parent organization.

Convenience Translator

Easily find addresses of users and companies by exposing a plain text representation of targetable and indecipherable hex strings. Using reverse lookup, you can map nonsensical Ethereum account addresses (represented as indecipherable hex strings) to human readable identity assertions.

Profile Service

Store relevant public information associated with parent organizations and registered users in a fully transparent database, allowing for a historical snapshot of information to be captured indelibly on the blockchain for future audits or validation.

How it works

How it Works

An environmental utility service allowing for x509 identity certificates to be authoritatively mapped to organizational Ethereum addresses within a directory smart contract. Also exposes a key/value based smart contract (profiles) for any publicly accessible information that is needed by the rest of the consortia. 

Examples of publicly accessible info include public keys for asymmetric encryption, private addresses for confidential transactions and destination certificates for encrypted App-2-App messaging.

Deploying the Registry Service

You can elect for one of two approaches to provision the Registry Service: Kaleido Console UI or Admin API. For users unfamiliar with the Kaleido REST API, the console interface is the recommended happy path. Both approaches will ultimately result in a new service instance and the deployment of two smart contracts (Directory and Profile) within the targeted environment.

Why Kaleido

Why Kaleido

Kaleido's platform is different because it has everything businesses need to create complete blockchain solutions. With just a few clicks, you can create a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and include additional services.

Blazing Fast Deployment, Speed, and Scale

Deploy Production-Ready Blockchain Networks and Digital Assets in Minutes
Amazingly Low Cost Per Transaction
Multi-Party, Cross-Cloud, and Multi-Region Support
Built-In High Availability and Disaster Recovery
400+ APIs and 40+ Services to Accelerate Development

No Lock-in and Open Source Technologies

Support for Multiple Blockchain Protocols
Enterprise Integrations and Marketplace
Customizable Decentralization Options
Actively Leading New Standards and Technologies

Proven Enterprise Platform and Expertise

ISO and SOC2 Certified
SLAs and  24/7 Support
On-Chain and Off-Chain Services
Secure Key Management
Built-In Monitoring and Smart Contract Management
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