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February 26, 2019

Connect legal contracts to permissioned blockchains with Kaleido & Clause

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When managed correctly, legal contracts can be your business’ biggest asset, but that management requires time and resources. Clause helps you overcome contract automation challenges by changing contracts from static documents to a dynamic, integrated, part of your business.

With Clause you can digitize the text and logic of the your business’ contracts. Thanks to an integration between Kaleido and Clause, you can now send all contract events to an immutable, distributed and permissioned ledger (blockchain).

To get started, use the Clause service in the Kaleido marketplace to deploy the Audit Trail smart contract.

Connect with Clause
You can then configure any Smart Clause that emits events to send data to an Audit Trail Smart Contract running on Kaleido using either a Kafka connector, or a HTTP connector.
Once the contract has been digitally signed and starts running, any emitted events will be sent from Clause for storage on Kaleido, giving all the parties to the contract a single-source-of-truth for the state of the contract and any data that has been processed.
Audit log history

Smart Legal Contracts running off-chain, sending contract events to a permissioned blockchain (with the ability to publish state proofs), provides contracting parties with privacy for their sensitive commercial contract terms, while increasing transparency, and reducing disputes and expensive reconciliation.

Clause is now officially available plug-and-play to users in the Kaleido marketplace. Watch this demo to learn more.

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