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April 3, 2019

Kaleido at SXSW 2019: Enterprise Blockchain Panel with Microsoft

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At SXSW 2019, Kaleido and Microsoft were featured on an enterprise blockchain panel titled "Enterprise Blockchain Springs Forward from the Crypto Winter".

Hosted at the Blockchain House by ConsenSys, the panel features enterprise blockchain leaders:

  • Sophia Lopez, Kaleido Founder and COO
  • Steve Cerveny, Kaleido Founder and CEO
  • Mike Walker, Sr. Director, Applied Innovation and Digital Transformation at Microsoft

Panel topics included Kaleido's availability across clouds and regions (AWS and Azure), how blockchain use cases are making real impact, building out blockchain consortiums and much more. The panel also includes a brief Q&A from members of the audience where topics like law and blockchain, KYC and more are discussed.

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