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March 4, 2019 Joins the Kaleido Blockchain Marketplace

Since this post was written, Hyperledger FireFly has reached 1.0. Learn more here!

We are happy to announce that is now available as a service in the Kaleido marketplace. allows organizations to seamlessly connect internal applications with a targeted blockchain network of their choice.’s Ethereum Adapter provides an intuitive user interface that simplifies the development of new applications and enables lightweight integration of existing business processes with smart contracts on your permissioned blockchains. It is just one of the multiple adapters within’s enterprise offering, called “The Blockchain Gateway”, and is available now.

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The Ethereum Adapter abstracts the core JSON/RPC API and allows your hardened application stacks to interact with an Ethereum blockchain using familiar REST methods and non-complex payloads. Thanks to this abstraction, there is no need to re-architect and embed thick web3 client libraries into your key software.

The adapter supports both read and write operations through its user interface and serves as an API endpoint for programmatic interaction with the chain.

Ethereum Adapter

Calls that are routed through the adapter are authenticated via a strongly generated bearer token, and the ensuing Ethereum transaction object is signed by a user-designated private key stored safely in AWS Secrets manager.

Ethereum Adapter

One of the many Ethereum operations handled by the adapter is solidity source code compilation and the subsequent deployment of the compiled contract. Typically, an application will import a compiled contract’s ABI in order to properly translate into and out of EVM-compatible byte code. The Ethereum adapter not only foregoes the need for this dependency, but it also auto-generates the syntactically correct payloads for interaction with your smart contract’s methods. As such, you can quickly access state information or modify your smart contract without tedious object modeling.

Configuration can take as little as 5 minutes and can interact with new or existing smart contracts deployed on your Kaleido hosted blockchain.

Ethereum Adapter settings

Take a look at our demo to see how easy it is:

As with all of our partners and solutions,’s Ethereum Adapter is an enterprise-ready solution to enhance the value of your blockchain.

Thatcher Peskens, Director of Cloud at, points out “we designed the Ethereum Adapter for developers and innovation teams to easily connect to a blockchain network by abstracting the complexity of it. Because of the built-in security features you can take it from a prototype all the way to production.”

Give it a try and see what you think:


The Blockchain Gateway by is an enterprise-grade solution to enable organisations to integrate their applications and devices with blockchain networks in an easy, fast and secure manner. Learn more at:

About Kaleido

Kaleido, a ConsenSys Enterprise Business, is dedicated to making blockchain radically simple for organizations to adopt so that our societies will fully benefit from decentralized models and technologies. Kaleido is collaborating with cloud leaders Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to offer its Blockchain Business Cloud, a full-stack SaaS platform and dedicated blockchain marketplace to accelerate the entire enterprise journey from exploration, proof of concepts and pilots to live production business networks.

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