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Product Announcements July 2020

Product Announcements July 2020
Since this post was written, Hyperledger FireFly has reached 1.0. Learn more here!

This month Kaleido released many new, exciting features and updates of our enterprise blockchain platform, including general availability of our PrivateStack on-premise and hybrid deployment technology, as well as a new Azure region in Europe. Below you’ll find highlights of these product updates, with some technical overviews and links to related content.

Kaleido PrivateStack General Availability: Third generation permissioned blockchain for hybrid, cross-cloud networks

Seamlessly connect nodes running self-managed on-premise, or in private cloud VPCs, with nodes running fully-managed across AWS and Azure. Our unique blockchain-aware PrivateStack network bridge and remote agent combine industry standard network technology, with DMZ ready dynamically configured networking, and one-click setup. Read the blog.

Product Updates

Azure EU Icon

New Deployment Region Available: Azure EU (France central)

By popular demand, Azure Europe is the latest deployment zone added to Kaleido borderless blockchain. Our deployment zone spans the three availability zones in the France Central Azure region. Learn more.
Hard Forks Icon

Hard Forks

Forking has never been easier, or safer. At a click of a button we automate the end to end process of orchestrating a hard fork across all participant nodes in your managed blockchain environment to apply new EIPs. Read the blog.
Event Streams Icon

Event Streams

We have rebooted our user experience for Event Streams in the new Kaleido V2 UI. Integrated with our Smart Contract Management and REST API Gateway, in a couple of clicks you can connect your on-chain multi-party business logic to real-time triggered business processes, off-chain data caches, and analytics. All with reliable delivery, batching and fault-tolerance. Learn more.
MFA Icon

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) support has been extended to allow all users to configure MFA on their account login regardless of plan level. Additionally, Business and Enterprise accounts can now set an MFA enforcement policy to be required by all administrators in their organization. Learn more.
Google Icon

Google Login

Users can now sign-up and login to Kaleido using a Google ID. Allows single sign-on for organizations using Google G Suite enterprise security features, as well as streamlined login for any user with a personal GMail account. Sign in.
Block Signer Vote In/Out Icon

Block Signer Vote In/Out

Kaleido makes it easy for a network member to opt out of the block signing group, then opt back in again once they are ready and have been authorized. What makes blockchain unique is that control over data replication is decentralized across different administrators, with isolated keys and data. Now individual network participants can stop their block-signing infrastructure for an extended period of time, without impacting on the resilience of the whole network. Read the blog.
Billing Dashboard Icon

New Billing Dashboard

We’ve made it easier to manage your profile, add/remove administrators to your account, track your usage, manage your subscription, and see the range of services you have access to on the Kaleido platform. Including new graphing and monthly cost projection. Learn more.
Tessera Icon

Tessera 0.10.5

The latest maintenance release of Tessera, with a number of internal improvements to operation and updates of dependent libraries. Learn more.
Ether Pool Icon

Ether Pool in New Console

Enhanced experience for accessing the pool of 1 billion ether that is created at genesis of each Kaleido permissioned chain. Learn more.
Managed Wallet Icon

Managed Wallet Updates

A number of Key Management enhancements, including easily refreshing the list of externally managed keys in our Cloud HSM Signer off-platform keys, and configuring master key at-rest encryption of keys and seed phases in Kaleido managed keys. Learn more.
ioCash Icon

New Partner ioCash (available in the Marketplace)

Permissioned blockchain lets business networks build quickly, scale, and address enterprise security requirements. Use cases often involve exchange of digital assets and tokens. What about exchanging those with “real” fiat money? ioCash makes that easy - addressing the regulatory and technical challenges of the on-ramps and off-ramps. With Kaleido and ioCash together, having a stable coin as part of your solution has never been simpler. Read the blog.

In case you missed it: June Updates

Corda now available on Kaleido 

Kaleido now supports Corda OS (open source) version 4.4, with support for Corda Enterprise coming soon. Corda is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) custom designed by R3 for enterprise use, with privacy as the foundational principle. Read more in the Kaleido docs. For an overview of the benefits of Corda, read this blog. For a demo of Corda on Kaleido, watch this video

‍Kaleido’s V2 UI

‍Kaleido launched a V2 of our UI, a revamp which includes a new console and navigation bar, an easy button for deploying smart contracts, direct access to the Blockchain Application Firewall, enhanced token creation process, and more.  Sign up or login to see the new console.

Read the full June Product Announcement here.

To keep up with future updates, keep an eye out for our release notes page, where we’ll continue posting regular updates which have some more specific details.

If you’d like to explore what you can do with Kaleido, get started for free.

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