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Thought Leaders Come Together in Raleigh to Discuss the Future of Web3

Marc Lewis
Managing Editor
February 28, 2023
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To kickoff 2023, we brought together leading blockchain minds to discuss the future of web3. The exclusive panel discussion focused on where blockchain technology is headed. The event was held in Raleigh and streamed live.

Below we’ve included the video recording for folks who weren't able to join us live. Next to each speaker you’ll also find a timestamp in case you'd like to jump to a specific talk.

Sophia Lopez, Founder and COO at Kaleido / 0:00

Sophia began working with blockchain in 2015, helping shape the community and developing new commercial approaches for the enterprise market. Prior to Kaleido, Sophia led the IBM Blockchain Platform product portfolio developing high-value offerings to help clients achieve better business outcomes through adoption of blockchain technology.

Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and author of Think Blockchain / 3:40

Jerry is recognized as a prolific contributor to IBM’s software business, producing products and technologies that have profoundly impacted how the industry conducts commerce over the world-wide-web, while dramatically improving the consumer experience. In his talk, Jerry illustrates concepts from his book, Think Blockchain, and shares lessons from his work with college students studying blockchain.

Campbell R. Harvey, Professor of Finance at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and author of DeFi and the Future of Finance / 21:20

Professor Harvey teaches about cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and advanced asset management. In his talk, Professor Harvey discusses how finance sits at the intersection of all things web3. From the tickets we buy online to the clothes we wear, he helps us reimagine what the economy will look like in a world where creators have more control of their IP and consumers have power to circumvent intermediaries.

Sterling Mah Ingui, Head of Next Gen. Products, Workplace, Fidelity / 33:15

An accomplished business leader, Sterling shares how an institution like Fidelity encourages innovation, product development, and technology adoption by matching new ideas with business goals. She has a unique perspective as she's worked over the last few years to launch new and innovative technologies that can communicate with legacy systems. Sterling and Fidelity use our blockchain platform to power innovation and interoperability.

Jim Zhang, Head of Protocol & Co-founder at Kaleido / 44:30

As a finale, Kaleido's Jim Zhang took the stage to give an overview of zero knowledge proofs. Complete with a Where's Waldo analogy, Jim gives us a behind the scenes look at the math that informs blockchain technology, espcieciallly as it relates to security, identity, and finality on the chain.

Blockchain meetups provide a great opportunity for individuals to learn about blockchain technology, meet others in the industry, and collaborate on projects that can potentially transform various sectors of the economy. We hope to see you at our next event!

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