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May 10, 2019

Kaleido Onboards New Partners to Simplify and Speed Enterprise Blockchains

Since this post was written, Hyperledger FireFly has reached 1.0. Learn more here!

Kaleido advances the development and adoption of enterprise blockchain technology by expanding enterprise ethereum services and partnerships

Taking blockchain solutions to production requires bringing together dozens of components beyond just the chain. With this in mind, Kaleido is expanding its full stack of tools and technologies from across the Ethereum ecosystem into its plug and play Marketplace and is announcing the following new key additions:

  • Open Law Team plan to automate legal agreements
  • Rhombus to connect your smart contract to off-chain data feeds
  • Truffle and Metamask with new integration to speed up development
  • Hyperledger Besu, a Java-based, enterprise version of the Ethereum client

These improvements allow Kaleido to support all popular ethereum protocols for enterprise usage. And that’s just the beginning. Soon, the Marketplace will offer Alethio for real-time blockchain data and analytics, Viant for modeling business processes and tracking assets, as well as Trustology to safeguard crypto assets.

“When it comes to enterprise blockchain, collaboration is key across both network participants as well as the technology providers supporting them. The chain itself is only 5-10% of a complete solution.  Kaleido is helping accelerating consortiums getting into production by bringing the best from across the Ethereum ecosystem together into one full-stack solution with click and go access via the Kaleido Marketplace.” said Steve Cerveny Founder and CEO of Kaleido.

With its Kaleido compute stack, enterprises can easily go from PoC to pilot and into production all on the same platform and eliminate as much as 80% of the custom coding typically required for a complete blockchain solution.

For more information, visit our Marketplace and stay tuned for the announcement of additional service integrations via our social media channels: Twitter and Linkedin

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