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October 20, 2020

Corda now Generally Available on Kaleido

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Corda Protocol now Generally Available on Kaleido

Raleigh, NC, Oct 20, 2020- In conjunction with the CordaCon 2020 conference hosted by R3, Kaleido Founder Steve Cerveny announced today the general availability of the Corda protocol on Kaleido’s blockchain business cloud, the award-winning enterprise blockchain platform for modern business networks.

Corda-powered networks are now generally available through Kaleido’s Consortium-as-a-Service offering built for organizations looking to accelerate their collaborative transformation efforts across all sectors, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain, transportation, and the public sector. Here's what Corda GA means for you:

  • Production support: With GA status, Corda is now supported for production use and backed by our 99.9% SLA and 24x7 support
  • New plan options: Corda is now available on additional subscription levels for Kaleido, including Business and Enterprise
  • New packages: Contact us for the new QuickStart and Pilot packages for your Corda project
  • New early program: Interested in having Kaleido run your CorDapp in addition to the nodes? Contact us to learn about the closed early program

R3 and Kaleido formerly announced a partnership in May 2020, at Coindesk’s Consensus Distributed online event, to offer R3’s Corda Enterprise software on Kaleido’s digital transformation platform. Since that date, Kaleido has run a number of successful pilots with leading global Fortune 500 companies using the combined technology, with additional exciting announcements coming soon.

The general availability of Corda on Kaleido means you can run CorDapps in a production environment with enhanced services and support levels, nodes of any size, advanced configuration tools, and full multi-region, cross-cloud, and hybrid options, and more.

Digital Transformation with Corda on Kaleido

Kaleido’s Consortium-as-a-Service offering provides industry-first digital transformation capabilities to accelerate the business outcomes of decentralized consortium networks. Kaleido provides key capabilities including smart contract management, a stack of middleware technologies, multi-party control plane, and shared DevOps, plus industry-first capabilities which lift the burden from network operators, like rolling upgrades, dynamically scaling nodes, and multi-tenant nodes to scale out the ecosystem.

Kaleido recently introduced a new option for Corda clients to leverage their own web server, which enables them to run the custom business logic responsible for interacting with their cordapps in no time. This will reduce the time in which clients can run their Corda projects in production on Kaleido, and represents a major benefit to existing Corda projects switching to Kaleido.

The recent global pandemic and economic crisis have served to highlight the limitations of legacy inter-company systems and the urgency to modernize to more nimble and collaborative business processes. Companies are looking to replace legacy processes with digital asset transfers, assure data privacy for partners in new resilient and transparent business networks, and leverage new incentive-based models to drive faster revenue recognition and lower costs. This market-level overhaul is best achieved through collaborative consortia, bolstered by enterprise blockchain technology, to bring transparency and trust to their interactions while maintaining privacy and security.

Steve Cerveny said: “The once-in-a-generation shift to digitize enterprise back-office systems is intensifying in this downturn triggered by the pandemic. Enterprises are looking for ways to unlock trapped value and transform risk into opportunity in their B2B networks. Kaleido is solving these challenges by enabling customers to use our consortium-as-a-service offering powered by R3’s leading enterprise blockchain technology, resulting in business networks moving from zero to one in record time."

See why Kaleido is the simplest, fastest way to build a complete Corda business network.

Building an enterprise blockchain solution using the Corda protocol doesn't have to be complicated.  We've made it click-button simple to rapidly deploy fully-managed, enterprise-grade, production-ready Corda business networks on Kaleido. Clients can run CorDapps on cross-cloud and hybrid networks with a full stack of complementary tools and technologies.

Build a Corda Business Network in Minutes not Months

Watch this recorded demo and presentation to see how to build a Corda Business Network in minutes, not months, on Kaleido's enterprise blockchain platform.

Accelerate your Corda Network with Consortium-as-a-Service

You can learn how to Accelerate your Corda Network with Consortium-as-a-Service in this video.

For more information, contact Kaleido here

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