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Trade Log Partners With Shiseido to Deploy the First Full-Scale Blockchain Solution in the Luxury Cosmetics Market on Kaleido

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TOKYO, May 18, 2021 - Trade Log announced that it has begun providing YUBIKIRI, a deployment tool for IoT-linked blockchain running on the Kaleido blockchain platform, to THE GINZA, a subsidiary of Shiseido Company. Shiseido is the 5th largest cosmetics company in the world. This is the first time a prestige skincare brand has deployed a full-scale blockchain solution in production across marketing and supply chain management. 

​​With the goal to "Create a Market Without Failure", the initiative was focused on the coordination between supply chain and marketing functional areas, to eliminate counterfeit products and environmental concerns.

Recently, many global brands are being forced to take a variety of proactive measures to drive:

  • Offline to Online marketing through the digitization of customer touchpoints
  • Protection of brands from counterfeits in emerging markets
  • Streamlining of logistics in supply chain management, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated

To address these challenges for THE GINZA, Trade Log rapidly built and launched a state of the art solution leveraging Kaleido’s blockchain technology platform. The Quorum-based blockchain solution ensures confidentiality and future scalability running on Kaleido, while linking brands, logistics, e-commerce, and users on an equal footing. 

"Supply Chain integrity is front page news and an urgent societal issue", says Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO of Kaleido. "Shiseido and Trade Log are pioneering solutions to hard problems in the space and are using blockchain for its strength - to enable transparency across multiple parties and previously disparate systems. It's in Kaleido's DNA to accelerate enterprise digital transformation, and we proudly support this project with our enterprise blockchain tools and infrastructure."

Through this initiative, Trade Log will support the promotion of cross-border offline to online marketing, counterfeit measures, the rationalization of logistics, and a superior brand experience for users. In the past, the majority of efforts related to blockchain in global brand marketing have been limited to partial demonstration experiments. However, this effort is notable for the following three outcomes achieved:

  1. In the luxury cosmetics market, this is the world's first approach to providing actual blockchain solution deployment across marketing and supply chain management. 
  2. It uses a QR code label including both the RFID tag and blockchain, to streamline logistics and achieve online to offline marketing over the full process life cycle. 
  3. It integrates real stores and e-commerce measures through linkage with a sales customer relationship management system.

About Trade Log Inc.

Founded in 2018 under the vision of "creating a market without failure." Supporting the introduction of blockchain technology to resolve irrational and uneconomical conditions among companies in various industrial areas, such as manufacturing, logistics, and social infrastructure. Particularly focusing on integration of IoT and O2O marketing with blockchain.  Providing a variety of solutions, including the ubiquitous era data linkage tool "YUBIKIRI" and the token economy introduction tool "OHAJIKI." Based on the idea that data design is the cornerstone of blockchain dissemination, Trade Log is also promoting data utilization support projects. Trade Log will support its customers' digital transformation through the twin pillars of blockchain and data utilization. 

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About Kaleido

Kaleido is an award-winning full-stack SaaS platform making blockchain and digital assets radically simple for organizations to adopt. Leading global blockchain consortia like the Synaptic Health Alliance, The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative, and TradeGo are in production today on Kaleido, accelerating the digitization of their critical business processes and adoption of digital assets across their industries.

Kaleido uniquely provides security, compliance and scalability for the most stringent enterprise requirements within highly regulated industries. Kaleido’s platform is ISO27k and Soc 2 Type 2 certified, with  built-in high availability and disaster recovery, achieving  99.99% uptime over the past four years.

Enterprises and blockchain business network operators rely on Kaleido for continued innovation across the open-source and blockchain communities such as Hyperledger FireFly, Quorum, Go Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu, Corda, IPFS, Chainlink, and more.

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