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January 14, 2020

10 Blockchain Innovations Running on Kaleido

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The last decade was truly a time of exploration and innovation in blockchain.  This decade, blockchain will continue to revolutionize industries and society, with early innovators reaping the rewards from solutions that scale and production projects that drive real results.  

2019 saw a flurry of first-movers, from start-ups to enterprises, proving and launching new business models, spanning a diverse range of industries. As we begin the 2020s, we want to showcase 10 innovators building blockchain solutions on Kaleido.

WWF logo

The World Wide Fund for Nature's Impactio platform, running  on Kaleido, enables funding for projects at scale to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues. Blog Article

atato logo

Atato’s blockchain-based traceability program allows for accurate tracking of several hundred million sustainable tuna so consumers know exactly what they’re getting. Press Release

komgo logo

World’s largest banks band together to form Komgo, creating a global blockchain-based trade financing platform that can digitize letters of credit, realizing cash flow gains of 30 -40%. Blog Article

work Bank logo

The World Bank and IMF Develop a Learning Coin app, running on Kaleido, to allow users to share content like blogs, research, videos and presentations. Article

ERX illustration

Elysian Blockchain was founded as a consortium-based initiative to bring benefits of distributed ledger technology to healthcare data. Blog Article


UnionBank uses Kaleido to provide financial inclusion to 35 million unbanked Filipinos by connecting hundreds of rural banks through blockchain. Case Study

greenfence logo

Greenfence Consumer creates blockchain-based mobile platforms for brands and retailers, enabling advanced engagement tactics and gamified loyalty and rewards programs. Case Study

Radiant Earth logo

Radiant Earth uses Kaleido to put geospatial data on blockchain to provide greater and faster access to life-saving data. Press Release

verified organic logo

Verified Organic partnered with Treum and Kaleido to ensure quality, reduce fraud and improve compliance in the organic agriculture supply chain. Press Release

bartercard logo

Bartercard is expanding how they use blockchain to reimagine how digital currency is used for rewardsThe Qoin Association Limited use Kaleido to securely host and maintain the Qoin Blockchain on which the Qoin digital currency operates. Qoin tokenizes the spare capacity of businesses which is then marketed to consumers via a wallet-based directory. Qoin, in association with Bartercard have a combined merchant base of over 10,000 in Australia. Website

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