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Product Announcements August 2020

Product Announcements August 2020
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This month Kaleido released many new, exciting features and updates of our enterprise blockchain platform, including a big upgrade to our off-chain communications layer, the introduction of sub-organization accounts, bringing advanced protocol options into our UI, and a host of other updates. Below you’ll find highlights of these product updates, with some technical overviews and links to related content.

B2B Communications Layer Upgrades

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App to App Messaging and Document Exchange

Our off-chain communications layer has had a big upgrade this month, with brand new user experiences for both App to App Messaging and Document Exchange. The upgrades aren’t just skin deep, with new monitoring dashboards and APIs, as well as additional deployment t-shirt sizes for large documents and high volume transfers.
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Product Updates

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By popular demand Kaleido now provides sub-organizations, which are independent accounts with separate groups of administrators, but linked to a common root account for billing. Our flexible system allows new organizations to be created on-demand, existing orgs to be attached to become sub-orgs, or sub-orgs to be detached and become independent. So whether you want isolated dev and prod accounts, or have 10s of separate teams to manage, we’ve got you covered. This new feature fits neatly into our decentralized resource model, which allows a business network, or consortium, to span across independent legal entities - each with their own org or set of sub-orgs.
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Advanced Protocol Configuration

Kaleido has a myriad of tweaks and dials that can be customized on your blockchain and nodes - from gas prices and block limits, to throughput optimization on our REST API Gateway. Until recently many of these have only been available via API, but now we’ve made all of the advanced protocol options available in the UI Console. Some such as the block period, and pre-funded account list, are part of the environment creation wizard. Others are attached to your nodes via re-usable Advanced Protocol Configuration policies.
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ABI Encoder V2 support

For a while now, the Ethereum community has been hardening a new input/output mechanism for Solidity smart contract logic called “ABI Encoder V2”. It allows more complex structures such as nested objects and arrays to be passed directly into the functions exposed on your smart contracts. While the feature is still marked experimental, it has been gaining traction and popularity as it can simplify development. So we’ve enhanced our REST API Gateway and Event Streams to support it - translating JSON objects/arrays to and from Solidity method inputs, outputs and events. So give it a try by adding pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2 to your Solidity today.
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HD Wallet

We’ve enhanced support for use of our Hierarchical Deterministic HD Wallet service throughout Kaleido UI Console experience. From deployment and management of a new instance, through to signing transactions in our Token Explorer, and exercising your custom on-chain logic in our Gateway APIs. A HD Wallet is a great way to submit transactions anonymously (yes - that’s possible in a gas free permissioned network!), or to manage millions of accounts under a single root key. Check out this recorded "Tech Tuesday" demo by our Head of Protocol Jim Zhang, where he helps you choose the right wallet for the job.
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REST API Gateway Enhancements

We’ve made a number of other enhancements to our REST API Gateway throughout the month, including a reboot of the OpenAPI (Swagger) UI exerciser inside of our V2 Console. Now you don’t need to navigate out of the console to open the APIs, and have an upgraded UI - that will be very familiar to anyone who commonly uses REST APIs.
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Chainlink and IPFS

New management consoles in our V2 experience for these blockchain native technologies. Have your private IPFS or Chainlink network running in seconds, with secure access to the built-in console experiences and APIs, along with log management, monitoring and more. Sign in to explore.

JSON/RPC Batch Support

We’ve updated our Blockchain Application Firewall, Managed Wallet, and Cloud HSM Signer services to support JSON/RPC batches over HTTPS or WebSockets. This allows compatibility with wallets such as AlphaWallet that use batches to optimize traffic to and from the node.

In case you missed it: July Updates

Kaleido PrivateStack GA

Seamlessly connect nodes running self-managed on-premise, or in private cloud VPCs, with nodes running fully-managed across AWS and Azure. Our unique blockchain-aware PrivateStack network bridge and remote agent combine industry standard network technology, with DMZ ready dynamically configured networking, and one-click setup. Learn more.

New Deployment Region Available: Azure EU (France central)

By popular demand, Azure Europe is the latest deployment zone added to Kaleido borderless blockchain. Our deployment zone spans the three availability zones in the France Central Azure region. Learn more

Read the full July Product Announcement here.

To keep up with future updates, keep an eye out for our release notes page, where we’ll continue posting regular updates which have some more specific details.

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