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Announcing General Availability and Production Support for Hyperledger Besu on Kaleido

Sophia Lopez
Founder & COO
December 19, 2019
Announcing General Availability and Production Support for Hyperledger Besu on Kaleido
Since this post was written, Hyperledger FireFly has reached 1.0. Learn more here!

Kaleido is pleased to announce the general availability of the Hyperledger Besu Protocol with an expanded feature set and production support. We are also announcing PegaSys Plus, a commercially licensed distribution of Besu, coming soon on Kaleido's blockchain platform.

Production Support for Hyperledger Besu

After over two years of development collaboration with PegaSys, a branch of ConsenSys advancing the adoption and sophistication of Ethereum, and 6 months of operational hardening under a Tech Preview on the Kaleido platform, we are pleased to announce general availability of Hyperledger Besu on Kaleido.

This means production deployments can now benefit from the full Kaleido SLA, and 24x7 support. This milestone is not one we take lightly at Kaleido, only coming once we have built operational confidence through scale and continuous testing across our global regions, as well as engineering confidence through Open Source contributions and collaboration. The private transaction management enabled by Orion makes Besu particularly attractive for business & enterprise use-cases.

Kaleido has sponsor users piloting the technology in live projects, and are excited by the innovation occurring in the Hyperledger Besu project to solve the needs of enterprise blockchain deployments. Selecting Besu is just one click on Kaleido:

create environment instruction
What is Hyperledger Besu

Hyperledger is a community of blockchain projects stewarded by the Linux Foundation.  Besu is an exciting and recent addition and the first Ethereum implementation and Open Source project designed to meet the requirements of Enterprise Ethereum projects.

  • Seeded by the PegaSys team at ConsenSys (under codename Pantheon)
    ConsenSys, the driving force of innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, brought a team of 50 developers together for the initial development of Besu.
  • First public chain compatible protocol implementation in Hyperledger
    Hyperledger has evolved as the gold standard for incubation, governance, and certification of enterprise blockchain open source codebases.
  • Enterprise friendly open source license
    Apache 2.0 is well known to enterprises as making open source software easy to include in mission critical projects.
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) client specification compliant
    The PegaSys team and the Besu client are among the most active EEA participants, driving technology innovation in key areas like consensus and privacy.
  • Consensus algorithms
    Enterprise blockchain networks require efficient consensus algorithms, with high throughput characteristics, built-in permissioning, and predictable behavior. (Learn more about Consensus Algorithms here)
  • Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT 2.0): Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm, with immediate finality, and permissioning.  In IBFT 2.0 networks, transactions and blocks are validated by approved accounts, known as validators. Validators take turns creating the next block. Existing validators propose and vote to add or remove validators. IBFT 2.0 has immediate finality. When using IBFT 2.0, there are no forks and all valid blocks are included in the main chain
  • Clique PoA: Provides byzantine fault tolerance, coping with large numbers of permissioned signers through a simple and effective strategy of deciding on block proposers, optimised to minimize (but not prevent) short-lived forks.
  • EthSigner:
    An open-source, client-agnostic, Ethereum transaction signer.
  • Dedicated privacy layer (Private Transaction Management by Orion)
    The Besu runtime comes paired with PegaSys Orion, an implementation of private transactions visible to only a subset of participants in the blockchain network. Privacy in Hyperledger Besu refers to the ability to keep transactions (and Contracts) private between the involved parties. Besu's private transaction manager, Orion, is designed to manage transactions and prevent double spend. Orion allows transactions to be executed privately with data only visible to a subset of the network, as described in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Client Specification. Read more about how Orion works here, and how to submit your first private transaction on Orion here.
Hyperledger Besu is Enterprise Ready

Besu is aligned with the needs of Enterprise adoption: Implemented in Java with enterprise in mind, Besu has a robust, independent codebase, and was developed under Apache 2.0 license. Hyperledger Besu includes the core EVM implementation, p2p networking, and other components needed to form a Blockchain, execute transactions, and mine blocks.

In August 2019, Hyperledger Besu became the first public network compatible blockchain client to be accepted as a project in the Hyperledger community. The availability of Besu on Kaleido expands the range of protocol choices and support options for developers, start-ups, business and enterprise.

Pegasys plus logo
PegaSys Plus: Accelerating Enterprise Adoption of Besu

PegaSys Plus is a commercially-licensed Ethereum client built on Hyperledger Besu.  It includes all of the great capabilities of Hyperledger Besu with additional features for accelerating production blockchains.  This is an enterprise production version that offers SLAs and tiered vendor support to fit your needs from 9×5 to 24×7.

The PegaSys Plus features include:
  • Security: Provides configurations for additional security, ensuring your data remains inaccessible when at rest.
  • Event-streaming: Subscribe to events with alerts or automated functions to ensure you have full visibility, increasing reliability and scalability of your solution.
  • Advanced monitoring: Monitor validator nodes in real-time to ensure the reliability and consistent uptime of your blockchain solution.
  • Enterprise-grade support & SLAs: Tiered vendor support to fit your needs - choose from 9×5 or 24×7 and more.
BESU logo

Learn more about Hyperledger Besu, Orion, PegaSys Plus, and Kaleido:

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