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Going Beyond the Chain with Full-Stack Blockchain Solutions

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Blockchain can be complex. There’s cryptography, consensus algorithms, protocols, smart contracts, identity, wallets, on and off chain data, daaps and so much more.  It’s often difficult to know just how to even get started, what pieces will be needed, and how best to get the job done.  

Think of it like trying to prepare for and cook an intricate gourmet meal.  To create this yourself, you’d need to do some searching on the internet to get the recipe.  Then, you would have to buy all of the ingredients. Maybe you could get them at one store, but chances are, you would need to shop at  multiple stores to get everything. Next, it’s time to prep everything, measure the right amount of each ingredient, put it together in the right order, cook it, and hope it turns out the tasty meal you and your guests were dreaming of.  

Or you could consider one of those meal kit services, like Home Chef or Blue Apron.  They exist to take the hassle out of preparing a good meal. There’s no doubt that a meal kit service makes it easier to pull together a good meal.  Much in the same way, Kaleido makes it easier to pull together a complete enterprise blockchain solution which, as it turns out, is more than just a chain.

At Kaleido, we’ve worked with clients to help stand up and manage over 1,000 blockchain consortia —  and the thing they virtually all keep realizing is that only about 10% of the investment in the decentralized application is actually the chain itself.

“There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production,” said Kaleido Co-Founder and Head of Engineering, Peter Broadhurst.

So what does a real-world blockchain solution look like and what does it take to build it?

real-world blockchain solution

The chain is certainly an important part of the overall solution.  It’s where shared data, smart contracts and identity registry all live.

And in order to stand up the chain, you need a shared IT infrastructure that supports multiple organizations with decentralized ownership and stewardship of the network while also ensuring secure, private and isolated networking between participants.

But, to build a complete blockchain solution you will also likely need to incorporate off-chain components and data in the overall solution.  There will be files too large to fit on the chain itself that will need to be shared, which requires private end-to-end secure communications.  Each organization will have its own application tier with API’s, caching layers, identity masking, key management, app integration with back-end systems and much more. To complicate things even further, each organization in a consortia will need the ability to run fully customized versions of these applications.

The blockchain architecture diagram below illustrates what a complete decentralized solution typically looks like:

blockchain architecture diagram

With all of the various components required to build a complete decentralized solution, Kaleido’s Enterprise SaaS Platform and Blockchain Marketplace, provides a single place to go for building, optimizing and scaling your entire blockchain solution quickly and seamlessly, saving months and millions in the process by eliminating the need for up to 80% of the typical custom coding required.  

“We’ve seen many successful patterns of deployment as organizations plan to go from concept to consortium and we’ve baked these best practices into the Kaleido Marketplace services, to help radically simplify the adoption of blockchain and eliminate some of the friction that exists in getting to production,” said Peter.

Get started quickly with a full array of integrated tools, decentralized services, cloud native utilities like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and industry solution accelerators from our trusted partners like OpenLaw, Viant and Chainlink. All of these integrated offerings are plug and play, so you can bypass the complexities of traditional blockchain solutions and get to production faster.  

“We are very excited to offer a full array of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one stop shop for all things enterprise blockchain.”

By providing all of the building blocks in one place, Kaleido greatly simplifies and accelerates the overall process and provides a fast path to production, similar to the meal kit service example of Home Chef or Blue Apron.  Let Kaleido do the heavy lifting and help you get to production faster with your complete blockchain solution. Or you could take the long and winding road around town to pick up the ingredients and piece together on your own.

Want to learn more?

Watch this short video of Kaleido’s Peter Broadhurst explain what makes up a decentralized application or download the Infographic.

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