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July 27, 2018

Environment Rolling Upgrades Available

Since this post was written, Hyperledger FireFly has reached 1.0. Learn more here!

Geth’s bi-weekly maintenance releases embody the hallmark ethos of the blockchain community: things move quickly. It can be hard to keep up, but getting the latest fix with much needed memory management improvements or fixes to the EVM might stand between you and your project’s success. Today the Kaleido team releases a rolling environment upgrade process to help keep the pace fast.

upgradeable environment

When new release versions arrive, an orange circle containing a white arrow marks all upgrade ready environments. Just click the arrow and Kaleido upgrades each node in the environment one by one to ensure, given the environment contains a sufficient number of nodes, that the network continues to process transactions into blocks. No interruptions, no hours building and discussing run books; just a simple click and the upgrade takes off.

In depth documentation can be found here. The documentation elaborates on the process and gives tips to ensure the upgrade occurs smoothly.

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