Make your business process compliant using blockchain

Make your business process compliant using blockchain

Imagine being able to track and trace any business process through a clear, transparent and solid audit trail, with real-time visibility using blockchain to satisfy consumers and manufacturers concerns about traceability.

BlockFlow seeks to turn real-life business processes into blockchain execution engines. The solution can be applied to any kind of business process, including those with branching, conditionals, etc. - and we offer one-click deploy to alleviate complexity of dealing with blockchains.

Digitized business processes

Blockchain provides the benefits of immutability, tamper-proof audit trailing, guaranteed and decentralized execution. Yet even for companies who have already embraced blockchain-powered traceability, processes being traced are often linear, or over-simplified versions of complex, real-life business processes.

Enabled by blockchain

BlockFlow provides built-in compliance by design, instead of (traditional) compliance by monitoring, together with solid proof of good execution. BlockFlow was built in-house by Younicorns, leveraging open-source components such as Caterpillar and Blockchain as a Service platforms such as Kaleido, which considerably accelerated product development.

Who will benefit?

BlockFlow will benefit any business process owner or controller such as:

  • QA / internal audit officers
  • Fraud controllers
  • Multi-party governance stakeholders and possibly regulators

In addition to bringing controlled execution to their business processes and tamper-proof audit trailing, BlockFlow also acts as a shared repository for information contributed by all parties involved in a specific process, easily integrated with 2,000 apps, including the world's most innovative ERP, CRM, eCommerce & B2B solutions.

How it Works

BlockFlow brings compliance by design to your business processes (vs. compliance by monitoring), and immutability to your execution audit trail.

It does not replace the IT on which your business processes execute, or the parties involved in charge of executing your business process. Rather, it brings additional reassurance about execution, audit trail and, ultimately, information conveyed to your stakeholders.

Additionally, BlockFlow allows frictionless and trustful collaboration on a shared process in a new peer-to-peer BPM system between the various stakeholders in the supply chain, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The Benefits of BlockFlow

Bring Blockchain to any Business Process

Any kind of Business Process accepted in input, even the most complex ones (vs. linear, naive, over-simplified processes usually seen in competitor solutions).

Ease of Use

Drag and Drop interface with one-click deploy to Blockchain, to allow even non-technical users to quickly grab blockchain benefits without the hassle.


Compatible with multiple blockchain architectures, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, VeChain.

Blockchain made radically simple for the enterprise

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