Farm to Table Traceability Platform

Digitizing the Food Supply Chain

Imagine a fully digitized food supply chain, where the entire product journey from farm to table is more transparent, traceable, and immutable.  

Aglive has developed a farm to table traceability platform to track, trace and protect Australian Red Meat Exports for the purpose of providing full visibility across the supply chain and provenance of the beef. The solution is able to fully trace “product transformations” (e.g. livestock to carcass to retail product), which allows full traceability and visibility from origin to end-product.

Farm to Table Supply Chain Transparency

The strength of Aglive’s solution is the ability to “easily” integrate with customer, industry, IoT and other data capturing solutions, which allows full transparency during the various product transformation processes and provides full visibility across the physical supply chain from farm to table.

Why Blockchain?

Aglive puts supply chain business logic on smart contracts running on a private ethereum network, using Kaleido for development and test environments to speed up innovation. Blockchain is a key component of the solution because it enables a decentralised, autonomous and transparent supply-chain platform.

From Farm to Consumer

Aglive will serve the full range of farm to table supply chain parties: consumers, brand-owners, producers, processors, supply chain parties and retailers.

Consumers will be able to use a mobile app to scan products by brands who uses the Agilve solution, to see exactly what they are buying, information has been verified by different organizations.

Brand-owners are focused on protecting their brands from any potential fraudulent activities and providing value add information to the end-consumer. By increasing the effectiveness of their supply chain through blockchain-based traceability, brands will improve product quality, obtain end-consumer feedback, and identify future product enhancement opportunities. Aglive will provide brand owners with the ability to add marketing, product and other complementary information to further inform the consumer around product provenance and more.

Producers (including farms, feedlot, saleyard, and broker/agents) who “grow” the original product and are seeking to reduce reduce their manual data capture (paperwork, spreadsheets, etc.) and transition to a digital environment through on-farm information management in order to increase the profitability and efficiency of their farm, while introducing the ability for the end-consumer to provide constructive feedback around their product.

Processors (including meat processors, abattoirs, and manufacturers) who “convert” the original product into a (semi-)finished product, are looking to increase their digital footprint, while obtaining the ability to provide value-add information to the brand-owner and end-consumer.

Supply Chain parties (including logistics, warehousing, export/ import, and distribution) are focussed on reducing and eliminating bottlenecks, moving more product to consumers faster, and creating value-add services, such as supply chain financing.

Retail business (eCommerce/ bricks-and-mortar) are looking to connect the end-consumer with the “farm”, supporting provenance, environmental and other goals.

On-farm Management Solution

Aglive aims to provide on-farm management solutions to enhance the data accuracy and value-add, from animal welfare solutions (to monitor data around temperature, weight, movements, and nutrition) to horticulture solutions (collecting data around light, humidity, nutritional value of the soil, and more).

Aglive is currently conducting a number of trials and is transitioning into a commercial/operational supply chain traceability and visibility model which is focused on collaboration with physical and digital partners to further increase the data richness and accuracy.

Aglive Features

Connect the physical and digital supply chain from farm to table

Aglive focusses on securely capturing and tracking data with intuitive and easy-to-use mobile and desktop solutions.

Eliminate food fraud in various customer markets

Many consumers are willing to pay a premium if they can be sure that the product they are buying is authentic and true to its marketed attributes. The world is awash with falsely marketed items, and technology can help fix the problem.

Provide proactive notification management through-out the supply chain

Aglive's IoT solution can reduce and eliminate bottlenecks and other inefficiencies, such as human intervention during the physical supply chain process, e.g. location, temperature, humidity, shock and other supply chain data requirements

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