Quote: "We're happy to have Kaleido as part of Microsoft Azure, so enterprises can realize the power of blockchain faster."
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Build on Azure with Kaleido The Platform That's Proven in Production Across the Most Complex Enterprise Use Cases

Setup and Deploy in Minutes

Deploy enterprise-grade blockchain networks on Azure with just one click. Add multiple regions and multiple clouds just as easily, all with a modern scalable cloud architecture, HA/DR, SLAs, and 24x7 support options, plus ISO 27K and SOC 2, Type 2 certifications.

Choose Your Protocol

Whether you want to build on Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu, or Corda, we have you covered. Not only that, every protocol can be deployed with Hyperledger FireFly, the first open source, multi-party operating system for enterprise blockchain networks.

Get to Production Faster

With 400+ APIs and pre-built services, Kaleido makes it possible to get to production 10x faster than other services. Plug and play services for tokens, wallets, key management, collaboration, storage, collaboration, and more are all available. Plus, a full suite of APIs makes it easy for developers to build on blockchain, whatever their skillset.

Integrate Seamlessly with Azure

Kaleido is available on the Azure marketplace and connects seamlessly with Azure services like Key Encryption, Node Backup, Log Streaming, Key Vault Signer and Azure Blob, letting you build enterprise-grade apps that meet security and compliance requirements. Azure hosting costs are included in the price of every plan, making billing simple and predictable.

What Makes Kaleido Better than Azure Blockchain Services?

Blockchain is all that we do. The completeness of our platform reflects that, with over 400 APIs and pre-built services, multiple protocol options, flexible deployment choices, and advanced digital asset capabilities. Kaleido is proven in production, with a track record of supporting the most complex enterprise use cases over many years.

In short, Kaleido gives you all the benefits of Azure, with all the power of a dedicated blockchain provider.

Not only that, we are Microsoft approved. We've been partnered with Microsoft since 2019, when we launched as the first blockchain platform on the Azure Marketplace, and our teams have worked together on blockchain deployments for many customers.

I Was An Azure Blockchain Services Customer, Will Kaleido Help Me Migrate?

We’d love to! Our team has extensive experience migrating clients from Azure Blockchain Services and will work hand in hand with you to get your applications running on Kaleido - all with no data loss and minimal business impact.

Once you’re on Kaleido, you’ll have full access to Azure services like Key Encryption, Node Backup, Log Streaming, Key Vault Signer and Azure Blob storage, making it easy to build enterprise-grade apps that meet security and compliance requirements.

Plus, Azure hosting costs are included in the price of every plan, making billing simple and predictable.

How does Kaleido's Enterprise Expertise Compare to Microsoft's?

Enterprise is in our DNA. That’s why many of the biggest companies in the world are building on Kaleido, including leading companies in global trade, three of the world’s top five financial institutions, and many of the top healthcare and life insurers. When enterprises are ready to get blockchain applications to production, they turn to Kaleido.

That's because Kaleido was built from the ground up to meet enterprise requirements with modern cloud scale architecture, always-up resiliency, elastic performance, SLAs and 24x7 support options. Plus, Kaleido is ISO 27K and SOC 2, Type 2 certified.

Aren’t There Other Blockchain-as-a-Service Platforms I Can Use?

Technically. Companies like IBM and Amazon also offer Blockchain as a Service platforms. However, IBM Blockchain has many limitations, supporting only Hyperledger Fabric and offering limited cloud deployment options. Amazon Managed Blockchain is similar, supporting far less functionality than the Kaleido platform.

Besides that, there are a number of smaller companies with offerings that are focused mainly on the blockchain, lacking the breadth and depth of functionality required to build true production-ready apps.

There's no comparison with Kaleido, which is the most complete platform in blockchain, proven in production over many years of enterprise deployments. With dozens of pre-built services, hundreds of APIS, full support for multiple protocols, flexible cloud options, and advanced token management capabilities, Kaleido is the only choice for businesses that want to get their apps to production fast.

Kaleido Tops Azure Blockchain Services as the #1 Blockchain & Digital Asset Solution on G2

Companies that build on Kaleido love how easy and powerful it is. That’s why everyone from disruptive startups to global enterprises leverage Kaleido to build blockchain and digital asset solutions.

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