Blockchain Solution Showcase

We're thrilled to showcase innovative blockchain solutions being built on Kaleido.

Fall 2020 Kaleido Solution Showcase Winners

Innovators and entrepreneurs applied to feature their blockchain project in the Kaleido Solution Showcase. Each chohort of winners receive platform credits and other valuable benefits. The Fall 2020 winners represent applications across a variety of use-cases.
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GORILLA HASH digital signature showcase image

Digital Signatures by Gorilla Hash

Blockchain can help organizations create paperless, electronic signature solutions that are inherently auditable and authentic.
  • Gorilla Hash is building a solution on Kaleido to to provide full digital signature infrastructure, initially focused on legal documents.
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BlockFlow showcase image

BlockFlow Automates Business Processes

Blockchain provides the benefits of built-in compliance, real-time monitoring, and a tamper-proof audit trail for business process automation across many different industries.
  • Learn how BlockFlow can track any business process through a clear, transparent and solid audit trail, with real-time visibility using blockchain.
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aglive showcase image

Farm-to-Table Track & Trace by Aglive

Blockchain can beused to track every touchpoint of goods across use cases in food, commodities, retail, distribution and more, to verify provenance, reduce fraud and ensure traceability.
  • Learn how Aglive is using Kaleido to build a farm-to-table traceability platform to track, trace and protect Australian red meat exports.
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Blockchain of Evidence showcase image

Blockchain of Evidence Digitizes Court Records

Blockchain can bring the benefits of shared digital records to multiple parties who are part of an industry ecosystem, ensuring integrity, transparency, and immutability in document management.
  • See how Blockchain of Evidence uses Kaleido to build a solution to track evidence from scene to court, digitally transforming the criminal evidence supply chain.
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Andes showcase image

Digital ID Cards by Andes Blockchain

Blockchain enables "self-sovereign identity digital signatures" that can act as digital ID cards or keys to grant access to secure facilities.
  • Andes Blockchain is building a solution on Kaleido to manage digital identities granting access to high voltage facilities.
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Solution showcase 2020 cover image

Celebrating the Builders

The Kaleido Solution Showcase aims to support the builders and the blockchain solutions they are creating. Whether you're a startup, innovation team, consortium, or solutions consultant, if you're building or running your project on Kaleido, we'd like to help you spread the word about your innovation and inspire others. Apply Today!
  • Looking for exposure for your blockchain project, pilot, or new solution? Learn more and apply below:
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Younicorns team photo

"Younicorns leveraged Kaleido’s Blockchain as a Service platform and other open-source components to build BlockFlow, which considerably accelerated product development."

Jonathan Horyn
President, Younicorns

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