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How to Create an ERC721 Token

How to Create an ERC721 Token
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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of token native to the Ethereum ecosystem. Defined in ERC-721, NFTs are a provably unique digital asset where end users can easily distinguish each NFT from another. Whenever a NFT transaction occurs, it is recorded by the block chain. NFTs can represent anything from digital art to actual physical assets.

For a primer into NFT use cases, refer to our article 10 Ways Enterprise NFTs Will Change How We Do Business.

Why mint NFTs on Kaleido?

Kaleido makes it very simple to deploy your own NFT smart contract and start minting NFTs. There are many reasons to mint a NFT on Kaleido. For one, minting and transferring NFTs on Kaleido requires no  gas meaning there is 0 transaction cost to you! On platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, or others, NFTs are hosted on public chains. You will need to connect and fund a wallet with an appropriate cryptocurrency in order to do any sort of transaction because those chains require gas to pay for the transaction..

A second reason is platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, and others are inherently centralized. For example, Opensea takes a service fee of 2.5% in addition to gas fees for any sales of NFTs. On Kaleido you are able to mint NFTs on your own chain and dictate custom properties. For the purposes of transparency, Kaleido also offers tethering services to public Ethereum which allows you to share the state of your private ledger which gives you history re-write protection from thousands of public Ethereum nodes, while retaining the privacy of a private chain. For more information on tethering, refer to our article, Pin State Proofs From Your Private Chain to Public Ethereum Networks.

In this article we'll go through the four simple steps needed to mint a NFT on Kaleido—all of which can be done in 5 minutes or less.

4 Steps to Create an ERC721 Token on Kaleido

Step 1: Create a Kaleido account

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Kaleido account here. Create an account and password and you will be all set. NFTs can be created with any plan on Kaleido, starter tier (free) included!

Step 2: Create a blockchain network

To get started, create a blockchain network. You will need to name your network and select deployment region(s). This is where your resources will be hosted and there are various options for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

screenshot inside the Kaleido console shows where to create a network
screenshot from the Kaleido console shows how to set home region for the network

After your network is created you will need to create an environment. There are options for different protocols, however, to mint a NFT make sure you create an “Ethereum” one. You will also need to select a provider.

For our purposes any will do but if you are curious about the differences here is a technical overview.

screenshot from the Kaleido console shows how to pick a chain
screenshot inside the Kaleido console shows more chain options

You’re almost there. Once your environment is created, set up a node and leave the default configurations of “small” and “signer” on the final panel.

Kaleido console dashboard view

Kaleido console node set up

Step 3: Create a Token pool

Now that your blockchain network is created, navigate to the “digital assets” selection in the left panel and click “tokens”. Select the Signing Account as the node you created in the previous step which will be used to deploy the token contract to the blockchain and create using our Token Factory. To mint a NFT, make sure to select either KaleidoERC721Mintable or KaleidoERC721MintableBurnable.

Next, give your token a name and symbol and click “deploy token instance”.

Kaleido console importing a smart contract

Step 4: Mint your NFT

Now that you have deployed a ERC721 contract, the next step is to mint your NFT. Go back to the left navigation and click on “tokens”. You should now see your created NFT. In the top right, click “select signing account” and pick the same account you used to create your NFT.

Next click mint, give your token an unique numerical ID, and token URI if applicable.

Kaleido console minting an NFT

The token URI is used to point to a unique image for the NFT which contains metadata (example below).


   "name": "NFTexample",

   "description": "Example of a NFT",

   "image": "https://example.com/NFTexample.png",

   "attributes": [


           "trait_type": "ease_of_use",

           "value": 100




The URI is optional but recommended and more information can be found here.

After creating your ERC721 token, click on the Digital Assets tab on the left nav and select Token. From there deploy the contract if you haven’t already. Once the contract is deployed, click into the details to see a screen like below:

ECR721 token info in the Kaleido console

Select your signing account and the MINT button should become clickable. Click “Mint” and you will be given prompts to enter the Token ID, URI, and optional target address. For token ID you may assign any numerical digit but keep in mind that each NFT that is minted needs to have a unique Token ID. This means the same NFT contract cannot have two NFTs with Token IDs of 1. For this example, we will give the Token ID a value of 1. Click the Mint button and you should see a successful mint pop up.

NFTReal Mint in the Kaleido console

Click the x in the top left and you should see that the Address Button has now updated to 1 with the account address. Congratulations you have now minted your first NFT!

Step 5: Transferring Your ERC721 Token to Metamask

In the same screen click the Transfer button.

Transfer token button in Kaleido console.
Transfer token screenshot in Kaleido console

You may either provide an address from your blockchain environment or a custom address. To get another address in your blockchain environment simply create a second node. In this tutorial we will show how to get your token into Metamask.

If you haven’t setup a Metamask wallet before, this guide will help you make one.

In your Metamask account, click the networks dropdown and click “Add Network.”

Metamask screenshot showing networks

This will bring you to your Metamask settings screen where you will need to “Add a network manually”.

Metamask setting dashboard
Metamask add network screenshot

For Network name, you may name this anything. To get the RPC URL and Chain ID, navigate back to your Kaleido console and go to the Blockchain section. On the Blockchain dashboard select “View Node” for your node.

Node overview in Kaleido console

Then click Connect App and create a new app cred called “metamask”. The RPC URL will be listed under JSON/RPC HTTP endpoint. Copy this value into Metamask.

App crew details in the Kaleido console

To get your Chain ID, click on the Settings section. Your Chain ID will be under Environment Info.

Once you have all the information click save in the Metamask settings.

721 token transfer to Metamask

Next, click “Import tokens” which should prompt you for the token address. The token address may be found in the Tokens section under Token Info.

NFT transferred to Metamask screenshot
Metamask import tokens screenshot
Kaleido console screenshot

Copy this value and your token symbol and decimals should auto-populate. Finally, transfer tokens to your Metamask account by copying your Metamask wallet address.

Screenshot of erc721 NFT in Metamask

Select an amount to transfer which will be 1 and the Token ID will be the value you had entered in the previous step. Then click Transfer. Once you get a “Successful Transaction” message go back to your Metamask wallet.

NFT transfer confirmation

Refresh and your balance should now appear.

Metamask NFT transfer

Additional Support Resources

Minting a NFT is just one of many things you can do using Kaleido. Be sure to check out Kaleido’s YouTube channel, blogposts, and docs for more information and other tutorials about how to use the platform.

Mint NFTs at Scale

Our NFT platform helps you build custom NFT ecosystems easier than ever.

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Mint NFTs at Scale

Our NFT platform helps you build custom NFT ecosystems easier than ever.

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Interested in Blockchain?

Start learning blockchain and creating enterprise solutions today with a free Kaleido account!

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Mint NFTs at Scale

Our NFT platform helps you build custom NFT ecosystems easier than ever.

Start Now

Mint NFTs at Scale

Our NFT platform helps you build custom NFT ecosystems easier than ever.

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