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All Customers Will Soon be on Kaleido’s Latest Generation Infrastructure

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Earlier this year Kaleido became the world's only managed blockchain platform to support multi-region, multi-cloud, borderless blockchain networks.

This meant a new generation of our scalable compute platform

The engineering involved in multi-region, multi-cloud federated compute meant we had outgrown the networking technologies and infrastructure we originally built for Kaleido. So we built an enhanced stack.

This enhanced infrastructure stack has the same firewall isolated virtual networking, multi-availability-zone automated high availability failover, elastic performance and scale you expect from Kaleido. Just enhanced with the latest generation of cloud-native networking needed for borderless blockchain networks, and hybrid deployment models.

This new infrastructure has been our default infrastructure in production since March, while environments created before that have remained running on our original infrastructure.

Now all customers will benefit from the enhanced infrastructure

We are working to enable multi-region by default in all Kaleido environment, regardless of when they were first created. To do this we need to first unify onto one common infrastructure platform. With thousands of environments to consider, the timing and preparation for this is something we have taken great care on over the past months, with many steps already performed behind the scenes.

How do I know if I am on the original infrastructure?

If you created your blockchain environment before March 14th 2019, then your environment will need to be moved to the enhanced infrastructure as part of this migration.

What does the change mean for me?

If you are affected by the migration, there will be some downtime for your network while we move you over. We need to pause, backup, move, and restore your environment from one infrastructure stack to the other. The amount of time this takes is dependent on the amount of data on your chain. We expect disruption for most networks to be approximately 30mins end to end, with some networks containing the most data being affected for up to an hour.

When will the migration of my affected environment happen?

We will start a set of region migrations on 22nd September 2019.

Please check status.kaleido.io for details of the maintenance window for the region that your blockchain runs in.

For more information on Kaleido maintenance windows, please see our Maintenance and Upgrades documentation.

If the timing of this maintenance windows is a concern for a particular environment, please contact us to discuss.

Environments are migrated one-by-one during the process, and we will prioritize running environments when scheduling environment migration, ahead of any paused environments.

Will anything in my application need to change?


We are taking care to retain the same hostnames, and security credentials, for all nodes that are migrated to the enhanced infrastructure.

Note that if you view the nodes in the Kaleido console UI you will see a new domain suffix on your hostnames. However, the old hostnames will continue to work now and in the future, so you do not need to change any firewall/proxy policies, or application configuration.

For example, if your node URL before the move was:

  • https://u0ljtspoyf-u0hthocyat-connect.us-east-2.kaleido.io

Then after the move, you would be able to access your node on either:

  • https://u0ljtspoyf-u0hthocyat-connect.us-east-2.kaleido.io
  • https://u0ljtspoyf-u0hthocyat-connect.us0-aws.kaleido.io

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