Pay with Regulated Electronic Money on Blockchain

Using ioCash on Kaleido allows you to create regulation compliant payment systems with fiat currencies on Kaleido nodes and blockchains.
What it is

What It Is

Pay with regulated electronic money on blockchain. ioCash is a fintech platform working under an Electronic Money European licence (USA coming soon) that enables blockchain based solutions to integrate payment using native on-chain electronic money. ioCash provides different payment functionalities, from opening e-money accounts to managing payments,  in a single and easy-to-integrate solution. Both RESTful APIs and smart contract interfaces are available to use ioCash functionalities.

Connecting Banking and Blockchain

With ioCash you can create electronic money accounts with IBAN and connect them to ethereum addresses in the network where ioCash is deployed. The account can receive and send payments of electronic money through the banking system or blockchain.

Licensed and Regulated

ioCash works under an EU Electronic Money Agent license, and applies all the regulatory and compliance standards to the issuance of accounts and use of money. ioCash on-chain money is thus considered electronic money, one of the types of legal tender recognized by European regulations.

Easy Integration

Integrate in your application easily thanks to our developer friendly API,  complete online documentation, and outstanding tech support. Once you are set-up, your Smart Contracts can interact with the accounts and money directly on blockchain.

How it works

How it Works

Once ioCash is deployed on your ethereum-based network, it enables your users to create electronic money accounts that connect to their ethereum public keys, so they can operate their money directly on blockchain. It supports smart contract interaction, so you can configure your business logic and connect to the ioCash smart contract to perform transactions with real money.

With ioCash you can create electronic money accounts with IBAN and connect them to ethereum addresses in the network where ioCash is deployed. From that point on, the account can receive and send payments of electronic money through the banking system or blockchain, so your application can interact with the money in the accounts in a centralized manner through the API, or in a decentralized way by signing transactions with the private key or through interactions with Smart Contracts.

When you operate with ioCash money, it has the same legal implications and regulatory supervision as operating with electronic money (such as Revolut or N26).

For financial institutions already operating a license, ioCash is also offered as a tech stack solution that provides financial institutions with the technology to tokenize and manage accounts and payments on blockchain in a regulation compliant way.

All the Payment Features You Need

ioCash provides all the account and payment features needed by any fintech platform or blockchain application, through a single integration. The features list includes:

  • KYC through user phone and ID verification.
  • Sending payments to external bank accounts through SEPA transfers.
  • Scheduling payments.
  • Requesting escrows by holding funds in user wallets.
  • Instant payments between e-wallets, which can be requested via API or smart contract.
  • Receiving payments from the financial system through multiple means, such as SEPA transfers and credit cards, with payment initiation, and direct debit. (coming soon)
  • Support for multiple currencies and joint accounts. (coming soon)

Why Kaleido

Why Kaleido

Kaleido's platform is different because it has everything businesses need to create complete blockchain solutions. With just a few clicks, you can create a blockchain network, deploy it globally, set up governance, and include additional services.

Blazing Fast Deployment, Speed, and Scale

Deploy Production-Ready Blockchain Networks and Digital Assets in Minutes
Amazingly Low Cost Per Transaction
Multi-Party, Cross-Cloud, and Multi-Region Support
Built-In High Availability and Disaster Recovery
400+ APIs and 40+ Services to Accelerate Development

No Lock-in and Open Source Technologies

Support for Multiple Blockchain Protocols
Enterprise Integrations and Marketplace
Customizable Decentralization Options
Actively Leading New Standards and Technologies

Proven Enterprise Platform and Expertise

ISO and SOC2 Certified
SLAs and  24/7 Support
On-Chain and Off-Chain Services
Secure Key Management
Built-In Monitoring and Smart Contract Management
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